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Spell check of ideal

Correct spelling: ideal

phantasmal, exemplification, fantasied, holy person, simulation, practicable, high-minded, precedent, unblemished, ideational, quixotic, sample, irreproachable, typical, prototype, sublime, faultless, model, the last word, belief, angel, rarified, mythical, dream, fabulous, make-believe, specimen, lofty, ideally, consummate, commitment, impracticable, fantastic, the Top Ten, immaculate, imaginary, phantasmic, indefectible, instance, supreme, exemplary, practical, concept, holy man, grand, exaltation, excellent, theoretical, ensample, metaphysical, down-to-earth, dreamlike, imaginal, pretend, theory, principle, well-chosen, apt, example, flagship, exemplar, utopian, archetypal, convenient, nonpareil, the gold standard, perfection, fictitious, perfect, idealistic, good, rarefied, picture-book, mirror, conceptual, type, mercurial, invented, infallible, standard, high-flown, flawless, nonesuch, archetype, fictional, hope, fanciful, archetypical, deification, idea, picture-perfect, apotheosis, king, Panglossian, romantic, possible, impractical, seamless, beau ideal, aspiration, image, paragon, made-up, impeccable, philosophy, pattern, noble-minded, unreal, letter-perfect, suitable, prototypical, nonsuch, exalted, watertight, optimum, faith, fitting, notional, unearthly, paradigm, imagined, elevated, queen, thought, extravagant, suited, phantom, proper, visionary, idol, absolute, chimerical, saint, abstract, warning, perfectly.

deficient, censurable, spoiled, damaged, believable, defective, palpable, perceptible, execrable, disfigured, discernible, factual, broken, injured, impaired, reproachable, blemished, definite, corporeal, observable, wanting, insufficient, faulty, amiss, bad, appreciable, genuine, visible, wrong, sensible, convincing, concrete, realistic, atrocious, existent, inexact, real, wretched, blighted, marred, malformed, tangible, true, defaced, noticeable, vitiated, verifiable, substantial, authentic, physical, imperfect, inadequate, flawed, unpolished, inaccurate, fallible, actual, detectable, material, existing, misshapen, solid, incomplete, defined, unfinished, incorrect, distinct, verified, imprecise.

Examples of usage:

1) She wanted her own way, and she wanted to remain her ideal self. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) " You know, Kent, this is my ideal of how people should be," she told him once, with a perfectly honest enthusiasm. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Nothing could have been more ideal. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.