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Spell check of zeal

Correct spelling: zeal

readiness, passion, slackness, concern, stamina, dispatch, fervidness, might, initiative, zing, puissance, dash, cockiness, potency, willingness, ardor, challenge, energy, snap, avidity, rapture, fire, vehemence, forwardness, zealousness, frenzy, hustle, extravagance, keenness, force, spunk, attention, effort, spirit, industry, industriousness, heavy lifting, relish, earnestness, drive, undertaking, avidness, care, fervency, set, spark, perseverance, hustling, fanaticism, bumptiousness, pursuit, lustiness, gusto, eagerness, bustle, hop, pushiness, exertion, pep, flair, exuberance, sprightliness, aptitude, facility, fervor, zip, excitement, vigor, assiduity, application, ardour, cooperation, activity, strength, panache, enterprise, determination, warmth, style, enthusiasm, effervescence, agitation, ardency, fervour, liveliness, elan, work, ecstasy, inspiration, animation, preparation, idleness, zest, dedication, vim, power, feelings, preparedness, inclination, verve, intensity, devotion, transport, vivacity, strain, diligence, agility, push, friskiness.

timidity, calculation, caution, deadness, calmness, policy, prudence, coldness, wariness, dulness, lukewarmness, indifference.

Examples of usage:

1) He certainly made the most of his position; no one could say that he was lacking in zeal. - "Afoot in England", W.H. Hudson.

2) In truth what he said now was almost what had been said by the authorities at Rodhaven- good intentions, over- zeal, a mistake, if you care to call it so;- but from these lips it fell on Dale's ear as soothing music. - "The Devil's Garden", W. B. Maxwell.

3) " Oh, they suggested-" " They suggested," said Dale, swelling with indignation, " that I should write regret that I had perhaps acted indiscreet but only through over- zeal." - "The Devil's Garden", W. B. Maxwell.