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Spell check of deplete

Correct spelling: deplete

knock down, polish off, eject, squander, eat up, cut back, rich, dissolve, top-slice, deflate, truncate, crop, swallow up, draw down, absorb, sweep away, have, dispossess, ingest, occupy, forfeit, trim, condense, play out, compact, spend, desiccate, pare, eliminate, finish, eat, dissipate, misplace, dwindle, wipe out, annihilate, concentrate, corrode, drain, bury, abate, give, lessen, abbreviate, trim down, shear, release, wash up, decrease, ease, compress, diminish, decimate, run down, cull, beat, curtail, rust, prune, cancel out, contract, obliterate, extinguish, drop, carry off, work through, waste, expel, run out, downscale, eradicate, downgrade, use up, de-escalate, taper, downsize, ware, take in, impoverish, nip, erode, down, die down, weed, go through, continue, reduce, lower, exhaust, immerse, consume, burn, bob, tire, expend, dry up, shrivel, divest, shorten, feed, tucker, decrement, halve, increase, take, run through, devour, subside, give out, shrink, deduct, eat on, shave, tucker out, recede, abridge, erase, discharge, debit, lose, minimize, lighten, sap, clip, dent.

distend, revive, enforce, increase, enhance, conserve, inflate, fortify, add, expand, aggrandize, restore, boost, swell, bolster, enlarge, redouble, amplify, intensify, reinforce, blow up, preserve, protract, heighten, elongate, lengthen, augment, strengthen, escalate, supplement, dilate, repair, replace, prolong, rebuild, complement, save, renew, raise, extend.

Examples of usage:

1) Secondarily, against a type of civilization which Japan represents; a civilization that uses the weapons of frightfulness to accomplish its ends; a civilization that steals a nation like Korea, compelling the abdication of a weak Emperor at the point of the bayonet; and then using the avowed method of extermination to deplete a subjected nation. - "Flash-lights from the Seven Seas", William L. Stidger Commentator: Bishop Francis J. McConnell.

2) There he was ill received, for Ward, who during the whole day did not leave his house, feared an attack on Cambridge, dreaded to deplete his supply of powder, and only upon repeated representations ordered a couple of regiments in support of Prescott. - "The Siege of Boston", Allen French.

3) We deplete the colony for what is in reality only a handful of men, while it means much to us. - "Six Letters From the Colonies", Robert Seaton.