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Spell check of distort

Correct spelling: distort

scuff, misunderstand, interlace, filter, filter out, wind, flaw, turn, pervert, lace, turn into, deface, slit, spot, wangle, flex, notch, fracture, buckle, rick, squinch, tinct, deprave, colourise, wrick, overstate, stain, blot, fudge, scratch, overvalue, check, pad, sprain, sieve, tense, gloss, twist around, tarnish, tense up, try, blemish, pockmark, squeeze, nick, spoil, abase, stretch, mangle, torture, debauch, adulterate, fleck, spoof, load, misstate, color in, alter, misread, beautiful, overpraise, wrench, discolor, colorize, scar, misshape, overrate, speck, crush, contort, colourize, colorise, strain, heave, defect, chip, tint, lie, kink, corrupt, hurt, abrade, change, vitiate, extend, misconstrue, change shape, exaggerate, gouge, aggrandize, garble, misinterpret, make into, mar, writhe, scrape, curve, counterfeit, color, emblazon, wrap, reverse, score, hack, separate out, strive, revise, vary, satirize, crook, falsify, wriggle, squirm, lampoon, damage, intertwine, splotch, collapse, degrade, change form, touch, embellish, debase, colour, reach, discolour, wrestle, over-appraise, deceive, manipulate, belie, wrest, roll, caricature, mistake, rack, worm, disfigure, overestimate, cook, gash, mark, sift, demoralize, hyperbolize, slump, twine, fake, bend, melt, extort, blister, colour in, taint, convolute, tinge, stress, misquote, puree, misrelate, interpolate, sag, dot, enlace, parody, freckle, entwine, seduce, desecrate, sophisticate, transform, confuse, true, filtrate, modify, warp, knot, deteriorate, twist, misrepresent, decline, embroider, convert, wring, overdevelop, deform.

uncurl, clarify, decipher, illuminate, clear, straighten, unbend, explain, untwist, illustrate, spell out, interpret.

Examples of usage:

1) At this point in the conversation Crayford allowed a faint smile to distort slightly one corner of his mouth. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.

2) Among the hundreds of slaves attached to a great household, there were in such times sure to be spies, attracted by the lure of freedom and a fortune, who might report and distort what they had observed in their master's unguarded hours. - "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius", Samuel Dill.

3) In the early history of thought the nature of the thinker himself is recognized as that which is likely to distort truth rather than that which conditions it. - "The Approach to Philosophy", Ralph Barton Perry.