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Spell check of curve

Correct spelling: curve

persuade, circuit, diverge, turn out, cut back, abbreviate, wrench, cup, worm, make out, turn off, thin out, kink up, bust, bias, design, draw in, thread, skip, warp, revolve, boob, bring down, at bat, band, horseshoe, wind, refract, open up, bar graph, thin, trend, twirl, shorten, meander, swerve, carouse, chicane, hang, sprain, weave, rationalise, roll, screwball, booze-up, falsies, whirl, straighten, undulate, sag, bending, baseline, deviate, twine, curl up, pervert, abridge, hack, diagram, contract, rationalize, deflect, ball girl, wreathe, wind up, crescent, trim back, fold, trim, bubble, spin, balk, axis, form, veer, hook, issue, breaking ball, nose, central reservation, meniscus, edit, squirm, curved shape, twist, cut off, arc, curve ball, swing, curl, slew, round, bend, wriggle, crimp, stoop, arch, shape, toot, drop, slip, base, carousal, wrestle, deform, flex, mold, flexure, block graph, incline, crape, skid, sophisticate, turn, burn, bike lane, bicycle lane, breaker, scent, crease, bosom, sinus, convolute, bell curve, tailor, angle, ball, swirl, trim down, cloverleaf, cut, reshape, in, frizz, snub, edit out, rotate, bulge, cone, chart, influence, sweep, out, straight, coordinate, wrick, distort, plication, cut down, ballpark, yield, sheer, submit, bender, contort, ignore, circle, prune, geld, inflection, bow, write out, connection, slue, balloon, cross section, parabola, bowl, foreshorten, wrap, lift, corner, wander, kink, dilute, camber, spiral, bend dexter, work, reduce, batboy, switch off, crook, hoist, wave, ball boy, disregard, rick, coil, frizzle, curvature, slide, snake, cleavage, loop, writhe, carpool lane, baseball, twist around.

straight line.

Examples of usage:

1) I studied the curve of the back of her neck, where the light brown hair played little tricks of its own while her head was bent forward. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) The curve of her neck was so wonderful that it hurt him physically. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) The smooth outer curve of his hand lay against her palm. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.