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Spell check of confuse

Correct spelling: confuse

maze, shake off, encumber, hold, perplex, muddy, puzzle, obnubilate, obliterate, feelings, blear, let down, trip up, rattle, haze over, fog, hold over, disarray, fob, duck, astonish, bedim, lead astray, befog, overawe, throw together, complicate, fudge, fox, scramble, capsize, toss, becloud, hedge, tousle, mix-up, bemuse, unsettle, ball up, put off, order, remit, swirl, ferment, contrive, disorient, play a joke on, roughen, buffalo, mortify, conflate, disorganize, disarrange, muddle, clear, ruffle, muss, bewilder, misread, dishevel, garble, befuddle, misconstrue, throw, get, flummox, smear, evade, dodge, tamper, defy, slur, mislay, worry, crucify, hash, trouble, scatter, addle, hide, unhinge, obscure, sidestep, skirt, flip, bedevil, rumple, elude, misrepresent, pain, whisk, err, mess, embroil, mix, dun, upset, blunder, cross up, convulse, agitate, misquote, parry, mingle, jumble, discountenance, distract, misinform, disturb, slip up, displace, meddle, roil, disrupt, hurl, table, shelve, twist, disjoint, dismay, dim, tumble, glaze over, turn off, dislocate, humiliate, distort, pull a fast one on, rummage, bamboozle, circumvent, whip, booze, project, stump, shame, shuffle, ripple, stumble, obfuscate, give, nonplus, gravel, daze, fuddle, snarl, stir up, mislead, drink, embarrass, switch, torment, chagrin, discombobulate, faze, confound, vex, flurry, deepen, throw off, preoccupy, smutch, discompose, misplace, dizzy, have, darken, blend, derange, deform, make, trick, involve, tangle, blot out, frustrate, rag, mist, disorder, cast off, miss, drop, throw away, postpone, cast, play a trick on, humble, veil, entangle, set back, divert, blur, prorogue, churn, put over, dumbfound, snafu, baffle, thrust, mess up, correct, beat, mistake, untune, perturb, cloud, film over, discomfit, pose, misunderstand, botch, shed, abash, fall short, misinterpret, clutter, discomfort, overcloud, dishearten, disconcert, smudge, foul up, fluster, daunt, defer, mystify.

comfort, cheer, reassure, differentiate, inspirit, difference, line up, buoy, make up, soothe, marshal, clarify, animate, clear, calm, systemize, straighten, illuminate, groom, enlighten, break down, line, adjust, embolden, assure, unscramble, tidy, uphold, methodize, unravel, codify, draw up, console, classify, systematize, decode, regulate, fix, decipher, separate, align, satisfy, relieve, spruce, simplify, undo, queue, encourage, organize, streamline, disentangle, hearten, dispose, order, untangle, array, arrange, distinguish, inform, range, analyze, rally, discriminate.

Examples of usage:

1) At first the words seemed to confuse and puzzle him, for he looked vaguely around, and passed his hand across his brow in evident difficulty. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Martin has told you all about us, and there are not enough of us to confuse. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) At the same moment, to confuse little things with big ones, Mrs. Lazarus suddenly decided to die. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.