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Spell check of collapse

Correct spelling: collapse

demote, split, bristle, dissolve, crinkle, falter, throw, fail, founder, disperse, nonachievement, decrease, tumble, win, sabotage, debility, explode, gift, contribute, go against, ebb, come down, burnout, retrogress, sacrifice, go down, crush, hunker down, disability, make, impart, wrinkle, crumple, clang, floating-point operation, decompose, hand, pucker, cockle, pass out, tiredness, curse, shrinkage, get it, present, go bad, nausea, unfold, dilapidate, disrupt, malaise, let out, fold, decay, clangour, deteriorate, offend, syndrome, latch on, bed down, devote, curl up, feed, separate, pick, crease, feverishness, snap off, lose it, flounder, weaken, dispel, worsen, ease up, wreck, discontinue, sickness, wilt, wear out, expose, return, topple, split up, chip in, double, come apart, break open, infection, take apart, slip, fall in, generate, degenerate, break apart, burst out, check, whirl, frazzle, go downhill, go, join, give out, overthrow, die, weariness, cut, ague, close, dissipate, pass on, get out, calve, fold up, clangor, succumb, reveal, down, spasm, devastation, intermit, fragmentise, snap, dilate, atrophy, slide, give way, broaden, clangoring, adjourn, sickliness, queasiness, erupt, break through, indisposition, develop, establish, fit, tip, crumble, health, destruction, downfall, fizzle, divulge, explosion, miscarriage, get worse, fever, conk out, violate, exhaustion, break, cave in, break out, virus, unfurl, bump, transgress, leave, decrepitude, surrender, break in, apply, stumble, analyze, moulder, sink, attack, breach, beating, trouncing, handicap, downgrade, dismantle, crack-up, pass, decline, fiasco, defeat, flare, catch on, black out, tergiversate, cutback, give away, break dance, narrow, fragmentize, plunge, pestilence, dedicate, bust, disclose, stop, reach, give, subside, disease, ruin, open, bug, dampen, languish, move over, burst, fall, malfunction, bring out, fade, apoplexy, fall flat, let on, turn over, fall apart, consecrate, infract, fall down, resist, recess, get around, discover, clank, drop, backfire, ailment, abound, break down, hold, giggly, pay, debacle, crock up, wane, resolve, symptom, regress, waterloo, miss, fall through, disassemble, bankrupt, thrashing, stun, grant, rumple, unwrap, buckle, breakdown, unhealthiness, fragment, putrefy, stretch, wear, slump, relegate, disorder, crash, bomb, malady, flunk, have, reduction, better, break off, sever, pause, infliction, go under, break-up, kick downstairs, recrudesce, wither, cuddle up, cut off, knit, break away, dud, damage, lay, interrupt, noncompletion, error, clash, analyse, prostration, flop, commit, get onto, twig, illness, scatter, kick in, whirl around, harm, get together, soften, bunk, smash, damp, lose, dissolve into, dissect, lapse, knock out, yield, cotton on, lassitude, faint, revert, nonsuccess, get wise, open out, part, render, havoc, money, widen, affection, fracture, blunder, relapse, complication, complaint, condition, cropper, failure, demolition, afford, washout, infirmity.

power, accomplishment, sap, go, rejuvenation, pep, vivaciousness, might, achievement, bounce, puissance, vivacity, victory, briskness, verve, zing, rejuvenescence, drive, vitality, win, starch, jauntiness, sprightliness, energy, punch, success, liveliness, vigor, vim, dash, spiritedness, zip, snap, muscle, refreshment, strength, revitalization, ginger, potency.

Examples of usage:

1) There was nearly a collapse. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) His moral collapse, the " tragedy" of his " soul," has begun. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.

3) He had retained possession of his faculties until aid was near at hand, and then the long strain of physical and mental agony had brought about a collapse. - "Dick in the Desert", James Otis.