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Spell check of bug

Correct spelling: bug

solicit, ecstasy, infuriate, circumvent, ague, fruitcake, excitement, disorder, seed, hemipteron, tapdance, bait, psychopath, rap, bully, habitué, illness, enthusiasm, defect, creepy-crawly, disability, counterintelligence, aficionado, agent, sickie, malaise, complication, autoflow, fool, distemper, sicko, surround, fluff, anticipation, virus, anger, maniac, germ, tease, tip, crackbrain, source, beleaguer, syndrome, hem in, harass, hemipterous insect, vermin, complaint, apoplexy, beautiful, infection, compel, besiege, fiend, badger, ail, frustrate, blemish, nausea, decrepitude, field, collapse, stop, pink, nut, zealot, pestilence, disease, irritate, double agent, fever, joie de vivre, enthusiast, queasiness, junkie, hound, edit, clip art, psycho, health, threaten, malady, debility, pleasure, twit, provoke, fault, exploit, nutcase, insect, collaborate, loony, nag, head, shortcoming, freak, fancier, imperfection, addict, madden, collaboration, collaborator, browse mode, ride, affection, lover, distemperature, loosen, autosave, flaw, fan, ill, crawler, trouble, cod, automatic hyphenation, breakdown, kick, espionage, annoy, beetle, industrial espionage, beg, ailment, worm, tease apart, antagonize, concern, infirmity, symptom, sickliness, tantalize, wacko, feverishness, fanatic, rag, rally, help, better, microbe, pester, curse, attack, contagion, intercept, nutter, tantalise, loon, crazy, microorganism, sickness, force, file format, maven, satisfaction, unhealthiness, epidemic, tap, coerce, delight, glitch, infliction, bulldoze, devotee, knock, condition, bother, razz, head case, hemipteran, taunt, clipboard, buff, drag into, spasm, pest, handicap, wiretap, wonder, card, indisposition.

fettle, robustness, health, detractor, heartiness, carper, healthiness, critic, wellness, wholesomeness, soundness, shape, fitness, wholeness.

Examples of usage:

1) She eyed it with extreme disfavor, and finally ventured to poke it with her slipper toe; one lone bug scuttled out and away in the tall weeds. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) Men is the hosses that pull this old water- bug! - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Snug as a bug in a rug. - "Command", William McFee.