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Spell check of mug

Correct spelling: mug

pilfer, glassful, shlemiel, seagull, sign, puss, prat, hooligan, dumbhead, golem, poach, cuddy, fence, scratch, map, doofus, pigeon, chump, homey, tomfool, natural, gudgeon, sea gull, cop, gander, mark, grab, assail, victim, face, moue, scowl, hammerhead, chalice, jester, barrel, dullard, motley fool, tankard, precede, monkey, schlemiel, noodle, steal, loot, home run, mobster, attack, heist, nimrod, fly at, dork, chops, strike at, level, know-nothing, noddy, make a face, defraud, piehole, dumbbell, yahoo, frown, carton, moron, burglarize, saphead, goon, ninny, homeboy, hood, airhead, gob, rob, abductor, physiognomy, blackmail, magnum, prey, muggins, dummkopf, lower, visage, dunce, abstract, clot, holdup, indorsement, mugful, crisscross, dim bulb, pirate, cupful, lift, swipe, lunkhead, toughie, mutt, gorilla, cross, simpleton, half-wit, loving cup, goof, bell ringer, demitasse, bath, kisser, bull's eye, muzzle, fleece, marking, knucklehead, numskull, shoplift, mouth, ruffian, Phiz, swindle, woodenhead, sitting duck, dummy, furrow, lamebrain, soft touch, pout, yob, marker, rustle, flagon, palm, sanction, jut, accessory, wise, gull, pan, dum-dum, schlub, gangsta, set on, pinhead, blockhead, bubblehead, cup, coffee cup, dolt, drug lord, stock, pocket, dimwit, goblet, trap, turkey, fool, chowderhead, drug baron, sitting target, birdbrain, lump, con artist, stigma, dodo, meathead, shanghai, glare, donkey, extort, scrape, yo-yo, stickup, bottle, dupe, stain, assault, haul, fall guy, bug out, print, oaf, looks, patsy, bully, scar, loggerhead, tumbler, nincompoop, tough, endorsement, grimace, nitwit, stein, ignoramus, embezzle, chucklehead, go for, sap, dunderhead, nit, lamb, score, cluck, hoodlum, target, rowdy, ratbag, ambush, osculator, mow, gangster, thug, beaker, hijack, hardhead, arsonist, lollipop, stupe, plunder, countenance, brand, plagiarize, wineglass, glass, yap, imprimatur, bowl, clodpoll, roughneck, fathead, pushover, snifter, nip, glower, imbecile, teacup, warrant, jigger, tool, shot glass, flute, plug-ugly, yobbo, mome, clunk, grade, loon, snoot, punk, schooner, conman, feature, come at, con woman, jug, deadhead, thickhead, cretin, dip, bonehead, ninnyhammer, schnook, child molester, all-day sucker, smiler, filch, express.

dodger, egghead, polymath, cheater, sharpie, intellectual, defrauder, whiz, slicker, cheat, sharper, genius, wizard, hoaxer, shark, grin, intellect, thinker, cozener, sage, trickster, laugh, smile, brain, swindler, Renaissance man, confidence man.

Examples of usage:

1) I was too tired to eat when we reached the little musty hot German restaurant down under the sidewalk off State Street, but the waiter did produce a large foaming mug of German beer in which I blunted some of the acuteness of my physical aches and pains. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) She put some bread on the table, a mug of milk and a piece of cold meat. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) " And may I ask," exclaimed Miss Tredgold suddenly, not paying any heed to the little girl's words, " what on earth is that in the blue mug?" - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.