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Spell check of bum

Correct spelling: bum

lallygag, shadow, ineffective, lounge around, underside, goldbrick, shtup, tail, puke, bathroom, pointless, biased, piece of tail, demand, passenger, bum around, scrounger, cut-rate, mooch, mill around, butt end, one-sided, request, bum about, smoke, sess, shadower, flotsam, rotten, weed, grass, nates, target, lazybones, loafer, gage, rear, layabout, horse around, homeless, do-nothing, trashy, goof-off, betrayer, lav, loiter, slowpoke, back end, bag lady, croupe, tarry, rump, vagrant, plead, female genitalia, goat, hang around, piece of ass, loll around, chinchy, hedonist, worthless, bed, seedy, jack off, good-for-nothing, cornerstone, idle, mendicant, crapper, invite, squealer, derriere, lounge, fundament, git, gourmand, dawdler, wood pussy, garish, cheap, freighter, female genital organ, execrable, tramp steamer, meretricious, prat, mope, ne'er-do-well, lurk, goof, sybarite, nooky, wrongful, beggar, blabber, el cheapo, sponge, tinny, fanny, laze, arbitrary, rear-end, stub, roll in the hay, flashy, frig around, shoddy, sluggard, footle, lump, seat, tin, partial, claim, low-grade, futile, street people, do-little, industrious, cadge, no-good, cheapjack, vomit, linger, tramper, can buoy, can, tush, hind end, cigaret, deadbeat, loaf, panhandler, informer, scram, loll, empennage, base, hiker, hiking, mess about, fag end, groundwork, poor, potty, droop, unfair, crumb, derelict, stooge, john, mediocre, buns, foundation, stinkpot, mill about, flash, tatty, understructure, sleazy, throne, lingerer, bottom of the inning, coarse, defective, order, slob, mess, quarter, dilly-dallyer, scum bag, inefficient, diddle, freeloader, slug, panhandle, rubbishy, grub, cheesy, insist on something, backside, idler, lounge lizard, privy, wastrel, foot, bottomland, croup, merchant ship, faulty, buttocks, arse about, sloucher, gadabout, boor, sordid, rotter, locoweed, gypsy, connoisseur, crummy, posterior, rat, bottom, miserable, squalid, inexpensive, junky, cheek, gaudy, low-rent, hike, slugabed, fool, common, bon vivant, inferior, unjust, tail assembly, polecat, second-rate, bad, scrounge, pig, lemon, get, dirty dog, ask for, unreasonable, lousy, bugger off, hindquarters, merchantman, place, green goddess, punk, unequal, down-and-out, tacky, back, musk turtle, bargain-basement, stool, clock watcher, terrible, commode, arse around, cigarette, waste one's time, tooshie, brassy, trumpery, tail end, seamy, drone, appeal, stern, scab, buttock, coffin nail, moocher, tawdry, pigpen, couch potato, lollygag, slouch, swinger, loud, lounge about, shutout, stinker, butt joint, behind, shirk, wretched, she-bop, unjustified, schnorr, beg, substructure, buzz off, skunk, basis, screwing, parasite, slacker, back tooth, purposeless, gourmet, canful, sens, undersurface, keister, tin can, gimcrack, strikebreaker, epicure, fool around, voluptuary, shnorr, laughingstock, stateless, after part, female genitals, schlock, loiterer, so-and-so, sponger, blackleg, lavatory, useless, chintzy, pathetic, vomitus.

first-class, high-grade, good, fine, handsome, elegant, handcrafted, excellent, superior, top-notch, refined, polished, first-rate, tasteful.

Examples of usage:

1) One " freshy" tried it, and he's going around with a bum eye and his hand in a sling. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) He's an old bum! - "Command", William McFee.

3) What do you think I am, a bum? - "Command", William McFee.