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Spell check of affection

Correct spelling: affection

meat, communion, trouble, distemper, substance, bone, kinship, adhesion, indisposition, feelings, pith, apoplexy, congeniality, diagnostic, estimation, unhealthiness, disorder, centre, quality, good will, sum, condition, sensation, spirit, ardor, agitation, complaint, feverishness, desire, nitty-gritty, bias, bug, debility, philia, soreness, fever, spunk, queasiness, bent, particularity, inclination, faithfulness, romance, attribute, regard, attribution, love, dislike, gist, predilection, mettle, character, crush, oneness, friendliness, marrow, collapse, ague, ail, experience, fancy, solicitude, nub, softheartedness, union, feeling, infection, endearment, mood, heart and soul, liking, habitude, ailment, disability, symptom, closeness, adoration, touch, middle, illness, emotion, infatuation, amiability, ill, attachment, warmth, disease, propensity, affinity, devices, decrepitude, differentia, specific, infliction, adherence, trait, fingerprint, infirmity, impulse, concern, nerve, curse, marker, neighborliness, tingle, impression, rawness, leaning, malady, respect, sentimentality, heart, breakdown, lovingness, point, mark, sickness, companionability, proclivity, core, attack, inwardness, esteem, intimacy, chumminess, spasm, disposition, tenderheartedness, property, penchant, passion, peculiarity, ticker, center, warmheartedness, syndrome, soft spot, essence, warmness, malaise, worship, virus, feature, amicability, sociability, aptitude, idolization, fondness, sentiment, kernel, empathy, nausea, handicap, stamp, sympathy, devotedness, bosom, criterion, loyalty, affectivity, pestilence, eye, connect, complication, tendency, response, friendship, pump, distemperature, thrill, hatred, turn, tenderness, partiality, predisposition, amorousness, hallmark, genius, note, affectionateness, devotion.

antipathy, animosity, divorce, coolness, disinterestedness, dislike, disgust, heartiness, abhorrence, soundness, objectivity, apathy, antagonism, disliking, health, neutrality, hostility, hate, misanthropy, distaste, wholesomeness, impartiality, opposition, detachment, enmity, unconcern, robustness, abomination, severance, alienation, disfavor, repugnance, wholeness, loathing, revulsion, fettle, repulsion, fitness, aversion, disrelish, nonchalance, separation, insouciance, estrangement, healthiness, shape, rancor, hatred, wellness, averseness, indifference, distance, disinclination, allergy.

Examples of usage:

1) The last pledge of affection! - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) She will never be allowed to forget for one moment that it is given from a high sense of duty, and not from any sense of affection. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Talk of family affection! - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.