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Spell check of founder

Correct spelling: founder

bankrupt, pass, go, chip in, burst, crack up, offend, expose, give away, ease up, break-dance, split up, predecessor, relegate, procreator, erupt, violate, don, break off, rise, hand, check, move over, miss, make, kick in, break out, generate, come apart, let out, give, apply, break in, foreshadower, snap off, mother, patron, collapse, develop, initiate, turn over, go bad, break down, present, get around, harbinger, scout, engenderer, grant, bring out, submerse, leave, start up, go against, gift, founding father, smash, sink, split, fall through, bomb, tumble, constitute, maker, heel, go about, throw, separate, forefather, join, avant-garde, soften, stop, ruin, establish, render, part, kick downstairs, fizzle, precursor, fail, transgress, break, crumble, establisher, initiator, tyro, hydroplane, trailblazer, begetter, discontinue, hold, recrudesce, cave in, ancestor, capsize, let on, prototype, submerge, producer, set up, contribute, instituter, damp, creator, cast off, crash, backfire, originator, father, wear, bump, ground, intermit, fall in, male parent, get together, impart, flop, heave to, go into, infract, weaken, antecessor, disclose, forerunner, get out, devote, laminitis, break away, sire, demote, divulge, interrupt, sacrifice, pioneer, better, crumple, dedicate, pause, crock up, reach, beginner, start, found, breach, discover, move into, novice, commit, responsibility, return, precedent, come about, tiro, give way, dock, break up, paternity, inaugurator, have, die, languish, afford, antecedent, wear out, author, open, fall flat, reveal, give out, incorporate, pass on, prime mover, conk out, bust, yield, pay, unwrap, forebear, fall apart, parent, generator, feed, fracture, consecrate, dampen.

disciple, pupil, student, follower, supporter.

Examples of usage:

1) Another turn of the centuries' wheel and the gift of this chapel's founder was once again thought unworthy of the altar to which it had been presented. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

2) He's the other founder. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.

3) He claimed to be the founder of a new province in literature, and saw with perfect clearness what was to be its nature. - "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century", Leslie Stephen.