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Spell check of damage

Correct spelling: damage

blot, discolor, indemnification, deface, distortion, disfigure, mulct, rail at, fracture, mark, offend, pollution, fault, scratch, kink, mar, deadening, defame, eyesore, detriment, deprivation, bruise, remuneration, deformity, distort, fixation, reprisal, misuse, chip, lay waste, decay, reparation, wrongfulness, tab, sore, drawback, abrasion, malign, spoilage, sabotage, stigma, vilify, disparage, debasement, vandalism, recompense, erosion, casualty, vituperate, wreak havoc, misfortune, requital, overshadow, dearness, wound, defect, blemish, pillage, exorcism, evil, vitiate, blow, outlay, victimize, Achilles' heel, vandalize, infliction, defacement, extradition, score, notch, pockmark, ill-use, ransack, disaster, blotch, ache, adulteration, adversity, waste, lesion, constipation, prejudice, recoupment, wart, harm, bail, reproach, rate, help, fine, benefit, blessing, accident, depreciation, shrinkage, scab, defense, better, tariff, wear and tear, stain, disserve, rift, defile, mishap, toll, mangle, hack, destruction, neutralize, injure, redress, handicap, spoil, disfigurement, splotch, tax, charge, fee, deficiency, imperfection, inadequacy, wrong, duty, noncustodial, injury, gash, havoc, check, expense, slander, terms, disqualify, ravish, rend, scrape, wreckage, fixated, freight, loose on, impair, ante, deform, scathe, violate, levy, legal injury, price, shortcoming, tarnish, price tag, failing, upon, quotation, disservice, revile, freckle, catharsis, ruin, impurity, outrage, penalty, taint, degeneration, detract from, collapse, impound, bane, conditioning, ill-treat, scuff, weakness, disturbance, quittance, damages, cancel out, blister, weal, figure, contamination, mischance, trauma, breakage, dot, affliction, defense mechanism, wreck, amount, flaw, premium, hardship, corruption, distress, community service, deterioration, loss, canker, forfeiture, devastation, hurt, equipment casualty, repair, offset, persecute, maltreat, brand, satisfaction, abuse, cost, disintegration, spoliation, mischief, demolition, discoloration, disqualification, monetary value, despoil, misemploy, speck, value, abrade, pervert, reverse, illness, delusion, disrepair, fleck, spot, footing, complex, disablement, catastrophe, depredate, stultification, worth, indemnity, restitution, ruination, atrophy, forfeit, profit, nick, suffering, aggrieve, slit, ravage, scar, impairment, disability.

panegyrize, consider, eulogize, praise, laud, uphold, remedy, healing, recovery, shield, benefit, applaud, respect, vindicate, cherish, regard, sustain, favor, tend, fix, conserve, protect, extol, care for, cure.

Examples of usage:

1) By acting promptly I saved the factory from a fire and the room from any serious damage. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) If you must have a reason, I'm as anxious to see what damage the hail has done as you are. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) I don't say that Cards means any harm but people will talk and it wouldn't do you any damage in Clare's eyes either, Peter, if you were to stand up to him a little. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.