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Spell check of flare

Correct spelling: flare

luminescence, eruption, flurry, glint, heartbeat, desk light, elan, wink, flicker, mercury-vapor lamp, break through, chandelier, photoflash, fluoresce, flush, blaze, scintillation, flashlight, glow, spotlight, alarm, floodlight, flame up, chevron, pilot light, gale, breeches, spasm, candle, catch fire, notice, cube, hot, instant, jack-o'-lantern, shimmer, gaslight, flashing, paroxysm, call, incandesce, lamp, britches, red, panache, glistening, begin, burst, dilate, gleam, flash, heptagon, illumination, burst out, shining, outburst, extravasate, luster, scintillate, break open, star, gleaming, ebullition, glistering, whistle, headlight, anger, fractal, chinos, narrow, light bulb, radiance, collapse, cross, searchlight, sparkle, Japanese lantern, solar flare, blue jeans, equilateral triangle, signal, bell-bottoms, horn, belch, break, bell, fluorescent light, baggies, torch, light, blink of an eye, semaphore, genius, develop, alert, foghorn, moonbeam, neon light, burn down, klieg light, open out, candelabra, glare, burn off, combust, shine, glimmer, pop out, Chinese lantern, blaze up, fire, take fire, burn up, feelings, fly, cargo pants, chaps, fit, warning, flutter, commence, storm, dazzle, arise, blow a fuse, stretch, break out, flashbulb, start, fluorescence, go up, cuboid, blow up, flare out, come out, caution, newsflash, agony, flash bulb, split, flare-up, spot, beacon, capri pants, buoy, irrupt, gust, newsbreak, table lamp, trice, moon, recrudesce, originate, dash, come into being, sheen, push through, radiate, lantern, spurt, flame, bottoms, style, steam, fume, illuminate, street lamp, burn, illuminator, explode, oil lamp, fly off the handle, jiffy, tungsten lamp, bristle, broaden, arc lamp, hexagon, seethe, flash lamp, flair, widen, floor lamp, flood, flashgun, erupt, set in, flare pass, siren, gush, twinkling, taper, explosion, split second, twinkle, news bulletin, incandescence, ostentation, boil over, beam, diamond, intrude, ignite, conflagrate, arrive, foam, glitter, incandescent light, rage, the, fanfare, candlestick, sun.

darkness, gloom, dusk, duskiness, slump, dark, dimness, shade, gloominess, doldrums, obscurity, blackness, calm, night, shadow.

Examples of usage:

1) There she sat, looking like a picture, quite motionless, with her eyes fixed on the flare of the lamp; and there I sat and couldn't pluck up courage to say a word. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

2) Your library of books is the hollow down by the flare, I think. - "Dickens As an Educator", James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes.

3) Though she had not read books, she had read a great deal by her imagination from " the hollow down by the flare." - "Dickens As an Educator", James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes.