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Spell check of floor

Correct spelling: floor

scandalize, news report, confines, change down, beautify, fundament, astonish, cut down, check, infrastructure, balcony, offend, story, place, dumbfound, shock, addition, drop, bowl over, flat, stand, bedight, spot, grade, dump, the first floor, body, station, root, narration, parterre, range, al-Qaida, knock-down, full house, box in, al-Qaeda, aquifer, coldcock, site, carpet, traumatize, stem, garret, carve up, flatten, throw, restraint, location, audience, bull market, constraint, spirit level, stun, basis, prostrate, the Dail, bear market, traumatise, downstairs, history, buckle up, restriction, mezzanine, excite, diet, account, paint, arena, home, strike down, do over, crust, lower house, tier, tarradiddle, dance hall, constituency, bullish, storey, ceiling, upstairs, landing, surprise, knock, down, flabbergast, do up, captive audience, dance floor, limit, adorn, nucleotide, catacombs, degree, deck, grace, stratum, radix, outrage, pull down, linoleum, take aback, tale, root word, report, layer, whitewash, foot, fault, astound, house, continental drift, continental shelf, bring down, boundary, nightspot, prime, bull, moviegoer, embellish, limitation, al-Qa'ida, back up, stagger, rise, broker-dealer, base of operations, bypass, bid price, club, bus, ground floor, lay, cellar, gallery, parliamentarian, maypole, flooring, wallpaper, strip club, box office, substructure, taradiddle, alcove, block in, bear, lower ground floor, bid, paper, faultline, narrative, level, render, decorate, fib, forum, fell, horizontal surface, base, parliament, control, dissolve, boggle, car-pool, scandalise, ball over, trading floor, point, foundation, carry, bay, geology, attic, basement, blow out of the water, dissolution, flash mob, write up, pedestal, alkali, chronicle, redecorate, appall, geography, shake up, concertgoer, understructure, amaze, take down, cornerstone, habitat, groundwork, campus, appal, strip joint, bondholder, bed, ground, mosh pit, bearish, chamber, push down, circus, radical, plunge, loft, theme, rug, blast, lay out, stage, bag, ditch, beading, disco, underprice, geological, nightclub, bedeck, brickwork.


Examples of usage:

1) Can tables set into or on top of the floor. - "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery", Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..

2) With a step we rose to the next floor. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) I know it isn't very long- He stared at the floor a minute. - "The Love of Frank Nineteen", David Carpenter Knight.