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Spell check of begin

Correct spelling: begin

father, bulge, inaugurate, arise, bug out, scratch the surface, demoralise, embark on, mount, materialize, innovate, sire, initialize, incur, create, breed, put down, jump, trigger, receive, find, conceive, get to, produce, go about, originate, take off, experience, become, form, get off, capture, induct, start, flummox, obtain, range, convey, bugger off, fetch, stem, embark, set up, set about, effect, part, take up, sample, appear, arrive, get under one's skin, develop, mother, open up, get out, catalyze, stupefy, add, commence, start in, invent, strike out, drive, pose, fix, fall, bring in, beget, get going, dive in, nonplus, dispirit, grow, flower, pay off, get, go to, break out, end, start on, cause, pioneer, plant, lay out, demoralize, spark, bring up, hatch, start out, break, pop out, approach, actualize, set off, continue, terminate, induce, contract, amaze, set down, impel, establish, arrest, let down, depart, open fire, sprout, occur, institute, go on, activate, engender, protrude, go ahead, puzzle, vex, bud, get around to, baffle, lead off, cast down, perplex, take down, generate, finish, kick off, pop, start up, set forth, lead astray, set in, dawn, animate, startle, lower, lead up to, draw, strike, necessitate, start off, come into being, bring, go, emanate, throw in, have, work, initiate, beat, bring on, break with, bring down, dumbfound, bulge out, go into, constitute, stick, mystify, deject, dismay, eventuate, unhorse, catch, rise, blossom, motivate, undertake, tackle, acquire, bring forth, attempt, dig in, gravel, buzz off, enter, fall to, stimulate, set to, array, bring about, take on, take over, get down, lay the foundation for, light, depress, occasion, introduce, germinate, result from, pay back, get down to, spring, sustain, come, prepare, write down, open, aim, emerge, branch out, Menachem Begin, play ball, raise, found, subside, let, birth, suffer, bewilder, come out, change over, launch, dismount, make, scram, set out, take.

dissolve, abandon, forsake, demolish, exterminate, disappear, stop, destroy, abolish, annihilate, end, terminate, phase out, annul, perish, wind up, extinguish, close, shut, vanish, leave, depart, lay off, complete, evaporate, pass away, desist, quit, round, cease, knock off, wrap up, halt, die, expire, nullify, finish, conclude, discontinue.

Examples of usage:

1) Can we begin now? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) And it won't be long before things are so you can begin again. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Most women begin that way. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.