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Spell check of distorted

Correct spelling: distorted

flecked, satirized, incorrect, warped, flawed, over-appraised, cracked, imperfect, marked, notched, misquoted, vitiated, hyperbolic, hacked, bent, contorted, blemished, spotted, misconceived, specked, debased, tarnished, abraded, stained, exaggerated, overdeveloped, mistook, deformed, seduced, caricature, counterfeited, blotted, illogical, kinked, faked, desecrated, tainted, debauched, perverted, misconstrued, gashed, artful, slit, scored, padded, burlesque, abased, slitted, corrupted, adulterated, kinky, fallacious, monstrous, twisted, garbled, damaged, fractured, caricatured, botched, misjudged, erroneous, overvalued, demoralized, faulty, reprobate, ill-shapen, discolored, shapeless, misestimated, splotched, hyperbolized, inaccurate, hurt, defective, misshapen, overstated, awry, impure, disfigured, lopsided, lampooned, misunderstood, miscalculated, counterfeit, scarred, unshapely, cockeyed, overpraised, freakish, degraded, blistered, corrupt, misread, blotched, scuffed, pockmarked, defaced, misrepresented, aggrandized, scraped, nicked, confused, scratched, depraved, mistaken, malformed, misinterpreted, scabbed, chipped, embellished, overestimated, marred, dotted, defected, asymmetrical, crooked, spoiled, perverse, freckled, spoofed, disingenuous, false, irregular, checked, embroidered, parodied, stretched, overrated, mangled.

flawless, ingenuous, shapely, undeformed, artless, perfect.

Examples of usage:

1) Most of his reported statements, I am inclined to believe, are distorted. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) When you worry, everything is distorted, everything appears unnatural, the world looks dark, our friends seem far off. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

3) Conal's face was distorted with rage. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.