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Spell check of caricature

Correct spelling: caricature

distort, flippancy, razz, reflection, hyperbolic, disgrace, abstract, lampoon, hyperbole, overdevelopment, derision, portrayal, embellish, mockery, overstated, stretch, contempt, insult, characterization, trace, sneering, overrated, picture, draw, paint, scorn, overvaluation, embellishment, rag, taunt, gibe, replication, deprecate, satire, exaggeration, illustrate, sham, bas-relief, distortion, daub, hyperbolize, carbon, example, impersonation, burlesque, shade, overvalued, description, send-up, copy, overvalue, deprecation, distorted, overpraised, indignity, embroidery, same, sneer, overstate, overpraise, duplicate, ridicule, roast, stretching, overrate, abasement burlesque, denigrate, humiliate, parody, overestimate, redraw, etch, aggrandizement, fake, kid, tale, embellished, canvas, magnification, jeer, counterfeit, mimic, sketch, collage, reproduction, aquatint, takeoff, overestimation, representation, prototype, denigration, jest, ride, humiliation, profile, parallel, case, personation, archetype, jesting, padding, duplication, mimicry, ape, cartoon, instance, aggrandized, emulation, shame, embroidering, doodle, exaggerated, spoof, irreverence, rough out, rib, extravaganza, overdeveloped, scoff, diptych, overstatement, mock, simulation, exaggerate, stereotype, template, aggrandize, overestimated, misrepresentation, pretense, fun, deride, elaboration, version, echo, put-on, model, story, portrait, joke, farce, coloring, take-off, travesty, irony, depiction, imposture, imitation, respect, mirror, overdevelop, resemblance, quip, pseudo.

meiosis, tribute, understatement, minimizing, disparagement, belittlement, homage.

Examples of usage:

1) The comic effect is not produced, as is often the case with the inventions of Dickens, by some set peculiarity of manner or trick of speech, more in the spirit of caricature. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

2) A good caricature is much better than a bad Madonna, and firmly upon Art with the feeling of a mariner safe in port after a storm, he drew her mind away- or so he thought, this man who knew so little about women- and after a while, sooner than usual, made his excuses and departed. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.

3) They were good of their sort- like a caricature...! - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.