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Spell check of bend

Correct spelling: bend

crimper, forfend, breaking ball, hunker, avert, device, roundedness, hook, line, sheepfold, agree, spread, bestride, arc, condescend, parry, change shape, arch, acquiesce, concur, devote, flexure, cower, rick, corruption, shepherd's crook, consent, conform, flection, creese, adhere, become, aquarobics, end, incline, play, sophisticate, good turn, balance, connection, twist, bit, flock, straight, release, crimp, open up, genuflect, plough, wrick, give in, capitulate, act, chin-up, respect, eddy, mold, change form, address, bodybuilding, seam, curl, wring, hang, debar, kowtow, flex, hump, tour, deflexion, congregation, change by reversal, turning, bias, obey, routine, criminal, observe, curvature, reverse, bout, direct, carry, call on, whirl, block, swirl, squat, move around, spell, ascend, circle, inflection, corrupt, construction, angling, perversity, deformity, knuckle under, writhe, lopsidedness, disfigure, posture, hunker down, open, reach out, bend dexter, surrender, apply, form, calisthenics, warp, wrench, comply, close, lower oneself, felon, bow down, outlaw, pervert, double over, assent, change state, crouch, buckle down, plica, defer, contortion, irregularity, focus, kick, freakishness, turn over, camber, persuade, reject, crookedness, curve, crease, faithful, deform, turn away, circuit training, sag, cave, round, burrow, ward off, deflect, braid, crinkle, asymmetry, diverge, give, tip, winding, kink, sweep, grow, go, carpool lane, shape, scrunch up, reflect, plait, inclination, reshape, dedicate, pull, influence, obviate, pleating, number, filter, furrow, cloverleaf, submit, contort, twirl, twisting, aerobics, avoid, refuse, sheepcote, succumb, cede, fold, concentrate, plication, deviate, wind, branch off, waver, plow, fulfill, boxercise, chicane, tress, revolve, divide, stave off, distract, rotate, aerobic, flood, angle, strain, central reservation, flaw, bifurcate, hunch, accede, fade, head off, sheep pen, mangle, work, turn down, disfigurement, connect, bathe, distort, catch, wrestle, help, ferment, refract, twine, curve ball, parabola, malefactor, curved shape, wriggle, wrinkle, turn of events, worm, kris, deflection, bike lane, turn, corner, stretch, sprain, list, fend off, convolute, swerve, extend, bicycle lane, bending, crane, forefend, flexion, crook, yield, wave, sour, spin, bow, accept, gimmick, stoop, scrunch, distortion, collect, straighten, bender, swing, squirm, folding, twist around.

straighten, unbend.

Examples of usage:

1) He looks at everything from the point of view of his own idea and plan, and makes everything bend to that. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) Sometimes Harry King rode with Amalia where the wind had swept the way bare, toward the bend in the trail, and would bring her back glowing and happy from the exercise. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) She thought she might at least catch one more fleeting glimpse of him as he turned the bend in the trail, but she did not. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.