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Spell check of ruin

Correct spelling: ruin

give way, shipwreck, founder, cave in, revile, fall apart, comedown, expose, debit, deprivation, nail, mutilate, check, ill-use, depredate, let out, harm, rubble, devastate, reproach, vituperate, descend, defame, laying waste, litter, kick downstairs, waste, bust, shrinkage, aggrieve, infract, loss, ceiling, transgress, hurt, ruining, pause, alcove, wear, give, havoc, attrition, intermit, bang up, catacombs, eat away, bump, reveal, damp, addition, acquire, pillage, decrement, go against, demolish, bane, decrease, collision, break off, collapse, destroyer, get around, snap off, break dance, bring out, bankrupt, smash up, dispossession, rail at, fracture, wreak havoc, balcony, split up, upon, trash, decrepitude, privation, breakdown, maltreat, shatter, burst, slander, wreck, dampen, rend, wrecker, dash, ravish, die, wrecking, develop, body, cornerstone, disclose, divestiture, demolition, undoing, go, crush, debris, deflower, destroy, interrupt, debacle, beggar, lay waste, bay, decay, weaken, dissolution, damage, abuse, persecute, vitiate, part, separate, erosion, ill-treat, conk out, mark, obliterate, get out, wreckage, dissipation, devastation, precipitation, dilapidation, wrack, offend, mar, breach, landfill, break out, stain, unwrap, wear out, fail, garbage, landslide, break away, defile, divulge, relegate, expropriation, penalty, ravage, ruins, fall in, depletion, recrudesce, sabotage, junk, vilify, forfeiture, blast, razing, overthrow, erupt, come out, let on, disestablish, break in, impair, destruction, violate, beading, wrong, despoil, ruination, injure, malign, vestige, go bad, remains, brickwork, leftover, failure, ransack, write-off, downfall, split, misuse, victimize, give out, disparage, demote, exhaustion, boom, come apart, ascent, give away, discover, vandalize, better, break, soften, apocalypse, stop, climb, destruct, extinction, break-up, discontinue, fall, disfigure, put down, break down, misemploy, help, smash, pervert, e-waste, spoil, setback.

consider, tend, cherish, benefit, conserve, uphold, care for, eulogize, regard, protect, extol, shield, applaud, respect, vindicate, sustain, laud, panegyrize, favor, praise.

Examples of usage:

1) He has saved me- more than me- from ruin and disaster, in these days when ruin is abroad in the land. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) It was this terrible encounter which caused him to say emphatically, " One more such victory would be utter ruin!" - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

3) But later it fell into ruin and the country became a desert. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.