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Spell check of bankrupt

Correct spelling: bankrupt

die, bust, down-and-out, get out, bereft, repo man, torpedo, money, discontinue, transgress, relegate, rend, come apart, dampen, distressed, blast, break away, kick downstairs, undo, shatter, busted, crush, fall apart, embarrassed, dash, deflower, cross up, give out, damp, wear out, bring out, split, scruffy, demolish, reveal, squalid, violate, part, give way, nail, pauper, break down, fail, total, separate, ruined, wreck, bankruptcy, hand-to-mouth, develop, smash up, disclose, poor, stop, split up, penurious, discover, breach, snap off, bump, infract, intermit, homeless, sunder, impoverished, break out, soften, break, boom, liquidator, smash, barren, wrack, founder, penniless, insolvent, destroy, cashier, weaken, break in, destitute, go against, have-not, sever, sink, break up, go, break off, break dance, insolvency, finish, fracture, broke, shabby, clean out, cave in, collapse, better, bang up, burst, give away, dilapidated, erupt, unwrap, poverty-stricken, wear, shiver, help, pauperize, recrudesce, let out, let on, fall in, expose, official receiver, give, receiver, rive, demote, wash up, impoverish, ruin, spoil, pause, conk out, bare, beggarly, void, interrupt, check, offend, rupture, divulge, get around, go bad.

abounding, teeming, attach, loaded, supplied, solvent, weld, fasten, brimming, thronging, secure, full, jammed, mend, filled, stuffed, fraught, replete, swarming, provided, rife, join, bursting, crowded, flush, fat, packed, bind, thick, chock-full, solder, unite, crammed, saturated, jam-packed, bulging, furnished.

Examples of usage:

1) I do not care particularly for sculpture or for paintings; I try not to become interested in them, for the reason that if I were to cultivate a taste for them I should presently become hopelessly bankrupt. - "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions", Slason Thompson.

2) Dil kissed her with the long, yearning, passionate kisses that take one's whole soul, that leave some souls bankrupt indeed. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.

3) He had money enough and to spare: it was in peace and the dignity of life that he now found himself to be bankrupt. - "The Literary Sense", E. Nesbit.