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Spell check of foil

Correct spelling: foil

vanquish, hybridise, scotch, violate, enhancer, evade, hydrofoil, opponent, expose, stump, quell, baby, go bad, Cellophane, attacker, vex, thwart, triumph, gravel, stymie, subject, outplay, equation, bungle, pose, mess up, trounce, bollix up, louse up, blow, regulate, overthrow, rag, humble, adversary, epee, embarrass, restrain, oppose, scupper, track, whip, interbreed, assailant, competitor, cut through, obstruct, get over, archenemy, beat, cocker, dumbfound, combatant, antithesis, crossbreed, check, mystify, cover, swordsmanship, perplex, transparence, relational, muck up, hydroplane, hamper, comparative, subdue, keep from, checkmate, amaze, analogy, traverse, clingfilm, relative, fumble, bollix, spoil, foul up, parallel, dun, botch, bumble, discomfit, opposite, deflower, peril, vitiate, get, cut across, overturn, sweep, block, enemy, swordsman, clog, villain, stupefy, surmount, hybridize, flub, silence, predominate, encumber, stop, fencer, flake, despoil, nonplus, botch up, juxtaposition, defeat, ball up, silver paper, fencing, rival, prevent, flummox, allow, bobble, mishandle, cross, plastic wrap, leaf, itch, counterpart, Saran Wrap, sabre, crush, span, win, transparency, interrupt, corrupt, disputant, antagonist, comparatively, frustrate, bodge, foe, delay, featherbed, swordplay, film, bedevil, bilk, intersect, bar, disturb, plunder, overcome, get across, capture, aluminum foil, balk, fluff, rout, transparentness, greaseproof paper, screw up, silver foil, bewilder, torment, mar, resist, puzzle, contestant, counteract, endanger, elude, crucify, saber, bollocks up, opposer, indulge, cosset, conquer, assaulter, overpower, coddle, contrast, hinder, pass over, trump, fence, outdo, pamper, complement, perspective, tinfoil, impede, impair, stay, stick, mollycoddle, master, baffle, comparison.

assist, forward, ease, aid, facilitate, abet, encourage, advance, nurture, smooth, further, foster, cultivate, promote.

Examples of usage:

1) The next day I went to San Francisco and brought back with me two rolls of lead foil. - "The Love of Frank Nineteen", David Carpenter Knight.

2) How should we behave if some Higher Being should foil our wisdom? - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

3) As a foil were one or two blooming girls, " just out," and bound to have a " good time." - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.