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Spell check of acquire

Correct spelling: acquire

experience, pack, arise, train, pull down, deliver the goods, flummox, withdraw, evolve, assume, annex, inhale, film, corner, procure, profit, draw, inspire, engender, compass, get into, conduct, arrive at, memorise, reach, pose, pay off, require, guide, submit, give rise, deprive, sustain, bring in, catch, make, modernize, gulp, simulate, mother, puzzle, absorb, lure, invade, hold, rise, receive, sham, induce, adopt, start out, aggregate, retrain, instruct, shoot, hit, dumbfound, secure, have, retrieve, come, take on, attain, commence, get, set out, grasp, subscribe, discover, perplex, borrow, determine, pay back, necessitate, master, admit, harvest, amaze, memorize, lead, become, uprise, get down, take, take over, subscribe to, purchase, stimulate, recrudesce, create, total, arrive, get hold of, engorge, develop, demand, beat, produce, set about, see, knock down, aim, need, lease, get ahead, meet, direct, win, arrest, farm, nab, contract, rent, accrue, consume, abduct, generate, make headway, gobble, ask, mature, eat, claim, hire, land, fetch, amass, cause, bring out, call for, break, come through, keep up, educate, realise, buy up, explicate, modernise, place, build up, sum, realize, carry, find, assimilate, fill, gather, grab, appropriate, add, charter, beget, bring on, scram, get word, get a line, let, comedown, derive, commandeer, pick up, heap, form, monopolize, pull in, succeed, play, undertake, take away, sweep up, take up, increment, accumulate, drive, dramatise, check, impound, mystify, benefit, hear, bring, encounter, stick, feign, access, bring home the bacon, presume, take in, climb, put on, gain ground, get under one's skin, raise, remove, usurp, achieve, take for granted, buy, increase, bring forth, incur, reap, formulate, score, take aim, bugger off, pocket, palm, use up, wear, involve, pull ahead, ascent, collect, accomplish, occupy, advance, dramatize, possess, obtain, confiscate, espouse, baffle, spring up, seize, cultivate, beggar, get wind, study, bring about, fix, find out, exact, come out, maturate, begin, start, afflict, earn, engage, invest in, ingest, embrace, stupefy, disestablish, net, tackle, pick out, choose, import, con, come by, read, devour, garner, convey, sire, accept, tally, select, learn, don, get in, wrangle, prepare, levy, come down with, germinate, descend, consider, strike, look at, turn, ascertain, postulate, snap up, grow, larn, suffer, gravel, go down with, vex, bewilder, bankrupt, follow, deal, contain, own, father, buzz off, bag, nonplus, go, bear, originate, teach, arrogate, gain, make grow, augment, watch, clear, capture.

fling, yield, shuck, desert, forfeit, throw away, forsake, dump, grant, ditch, reject, fail, lose, throw out, let go, hand over, accord, cast, shed, scrap, unload, discard, slough, relinquish, abandon, junk, surrender, give, pay, give up, jettison, part, miss.

Examples of usage:

1) There was, he felt, no reason why he should not acquire money and influence, once he made the effort. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) The records show that the fruit of his two years' industry was used to acquire a comfortable home which remained the property of his wife. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

3) He gave them that which would enable them to acquire freedom of soul, and without which such freedom would have been useless. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.