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Spell check of confusion

Correct spelling: confusion

anarchism, misorder, agitation, shuffle, heck, pandemonium, ambivalence, uncertainty, knot, inexactness, entropy, indiscrimination, Babel, disorderliness, miscalculation, dither, unevenness, formlessness, scramble, embarrassed, chaos, embarrassing, haze, congestion, disconnectedness, blunder, twisting, vagueness, confusedness, upsetting, disarrangement, murkiness, ambiguity, bungle, commotion, laxity, bewildered, whirl, mare's nest, anarchy, bustle, perplexing, quandary, difficulty, fix, looseness, discombobulation, tumble, awe, bewilderedness, disarray, order, insanity, muddle, gaffe, pain, misreading, distraction, disturbing, racket, comprehension, riot, questionability, tumult, clutter, amorphousness, entanglement, disconcertment, derangement, trouble, lawlessness, moot point, disintegration, stew, messiness, consternation, uproar, slip, flaw, wilderness, sloppiness, mystification, obscurity, frenzy, changeability, quiet, excitement, ado, discomfiture, fluster, shapelessness, bafflement, dismay, doubt, farrago, to-do, disorganization, welter, astonishment, mystery, hysteria, flurry, bemusement, incoherence, controversy, misapprehension, breakdown, stir, complication, hurly-burly, dislocation, unsureness, turmoil, hodgepodge, ashamed, mix-up, demoralization, turbulence, chance-medley, convulsion, perplexity, muddlement, travesty, complexity, foul-up, interference, perturbation, indistinguishability, unclarity, fuzziness, tie-up, mixed message, disturbance, deformation, indefiniteness, jumble, puzzle, misquotation, labyrinth, squalor, snafu, free-for-all, discomposure, snag, rumpus, disorder, screw-up, bedlam, cloudiness, error, muss, havoc, tentativeness, mortification, hubbub, wateriness, distortion, irregularity, wonder, disputability, flutter, mental confusion, shambles, tangle, shutdown, jungle, calm, row, admiration, head-scratching, bewilderment, ferment, dishevel, muddiness, snarl, fog, misinterpretation, puzzlement, bamboozlement, embarrassment, bomb site, chagrin, deformity, jam, inconsistency, deniability, maze, befuddlement, abashment, stupefaction, mess, untidiness, botch, mistake, snake pit, blur, culture shock, melee, amazement, unsettling, disorderedness, daze, nervousness, oversight, fracas, tizzy, inchoateness, delirium, misrepresentation, dishevelment, surprise, topsy-turviness, intricacy, incertitude, indistinctness, illegibility, din, misunderstanding.

confidence, anticipation, steadiness, conviction, system, coolness, poise, stoicism, composure, self-assurance, preparation, equanimity, plan, order, orderliness, assurance, aplomb, sureness, certainty, self-possession, pattern, self-confidence, expectation, indifference, positiveness, method, calmness, certitude.

Examples of usage:

1) What a strange confusion is over me! - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) You saw my confusion. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Nasmyth looked at him with a little confusion. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.