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Spell check of circumvent

Correct spelling: circumvent

flap, misrepresent, bilk, put over, shelve, tucker, cook, evade, ticktock, tick, palisade, orbit, set back, recoil, border, deceive, wash up, sidestep, thump, round, outmanoeuvre, emigrate, prorogue, shrink, skirt, scramble, gravel, amaze, abstain, postpone, fake, outfox, work over, burke, beleaguer, circle, flurry, quiver, badger, bypass, falsify, thrum, overreach, break out, avert, confuse, puzzle, wangle, hedge in, entrap, stick, pound, exhaust, escape, trounce, turn off, manipulate, pose, smother, crush, parry, beat up, outwit, decline, dodge, hem in, dumbfound, disconcert, tucker out, circuit, get around, encircle, surround, beat, block, shun, duck, girdle, pester, baffle, hold over, outsmart, bug, get, fence, encompass, stupefy, tease, bunk, beat out, perplex, defer, shell, skip, environ, nonplus, deflect, vex, circumnavigate, vanquish, seek, pulsate, avoid, bewilder, wall, detour, compass, fence in, douse, drum, flummox, put-off, get away, hedge, table, eschew, besiege, dishearten, dupe, ring, shirk, outmaneuver, elude, go around, ticktack, mystify, fudge, trick, dip, remit, shortcut.

comply, pursue, assent, accept, catch, seek, acquiesce, confront, keep, incur, contract, obey, accede, meet, welcome, observe, embrace, face, court, follow.

Examples of usage:

1) Having understood that she meant to circumvent him if she could, he was quite shrewd enough to devise some means of preventing those tempting millions from eluding his grasp. - "Petticoat Rule", Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy.

2) To circumvent this awful treachery, to forestall it, that of course had become her task, and it should not be so difficult, given that two days' start and some one whom she could trust. - "Petticoat Rule", Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy.

3) If Heaven had given me a son, I'd have had him be like this one; and since it didn't, why here's my way to circumvent Heaven. - "Not Pretty, But Precious", John Hay, et al..