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Spell check of gather

Correct spelling: gather

pile, greet, bag, reach, infold, levy, foresee, bulk, rendezvous, affirm, deem, unite, attend, expect, make out, rally, befriend, set up, rumple, suppose, focus, put faith in, accumulate, convene, pull ahead, fit, take in, assume, win, extrapolate, anticipate, play, cull, muster, ruck, assemblage, draw in, cockle, resort, crowd, make, piece, suspect, mobilize, stack up, decide, draw, store up, agglomerate, knit, gather up, reunite, get ahead, match, close, roll up, corral, run across, fill, envision, conjure, choose, associate, realise, commandeer, contact, profit, amass, deprive, hit, corrugation, mass, stack, presume, clear, presuppose, suffer, reap, procure, await, confiscate, satisfy, convoke, host, touch, extract, harvest, ripple, encounter, furrow, accrue, grow, pull together, compile, grab, conclude, cope with, socialize, judge, get up, impound, pick, deduce, pile up, congregate, talk, converge, center, welcome, infer, attain, concenter, take on, hive, annex, accrete, arrive at, swarm, monopolize, understand, cumulate, round up, derive, funnel, conform to, put together, concentrate, believe, credit, conglomerate, tack together, take, acquire, find, apprehend, imagine, bring in, receive, reason, fulfil, get, forebode, come across, maintain, hang around, hold, make headway, surmise, capture, earn, realize, glean, cooperate, declare, wrinkle, get together, usurp, appropriate, fall in, foreknow, see, accept, pick up, advance, assembly, nab, abduct, tack, summon, constellate, pull in, collect, take for granted, hoard, scoop up, scatter, ruck up, select, heap up, insert, join, put on, disperse, foregather, dread, crop, lump, call, crimp, forgather, bump into, gain, benefit, run into, tuck, pucker, call for, huddle, group, throng, aggregate, profess, envisage, double, build up, fulfill, meet, cluster, pleat, catch, gathering, assemble, garner, contemplate, adjoin, assent, crease, marshal, trust, fold, intersect, converse, collaborate, deduct, flection, join forces, gain ground, crumple.

sever, disunite, separate, squander, divide, waste, decrease, dismiss, sow, dip, dwindle, dissociate, disjoin, disband, dissolve, scatter, break up, depart, portion, disintegrate, disperse, abate, distribute, spread, dissipate, leave, plant, parcel, fall, seed, spend, diminish, taper, taper off, lose, dispel, send, take off, lessen, split, decline.

Examples of usage:

1) He'll want to gather his cattle up, and of course we know about how he's fixed- for saddle horses and the like. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) Run along now and gather some flowers. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) I'll gather them up; I'll not leave them here! - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.