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Spell check of bank

Correct spelling: bank

swan, soil, batch, petrify, strongbox, buzz, storage, slang, strand, clearinghouse, coffer, brink, accumulation, drawer, hayloft, BIPS, piggy bank, refrigerate, camber, incline, credit, cuss, coin bank, draw, avow, bund, buttery, depose, storehouse, confide, drift, assortment, stack, cluster, get, APR, quick-freeze, safe, commit, borrow, earth, arsenal, cant, bevel, bottle, marge, border, wad, stick, basin, cache, armory, pay in, bank building, pious platitude, sanctuary, mortgage, asylum, bound, silo, generate, banking company, marinate, tumble, patois, debit, get together, banker, mound, assemblage, cloud, exchequer, depository financial institution, cupboard, levee, bank statement, commissary, set, stone, club, savings bank, agglomeration, cashbox, trust, battery, eject, bale, slope, terra firma, close, conservation, bank rate, down, bridge, swear, column, bight, wall, depot, drop, mountain, jargon, chamfer, counting house, emporium, turn over, lodge, believe, cloudy, array, hope, grocery, banking concern, refrigeration, embalming, coast, shoal, coin box, muster, climb, corncrib, lot, central bank, parcel, cirrostratus, land, ditch, clutch, lingo, preservation, pyramid, archive, huddle, chest, gross, situate, rely, inclination, depone, series, cashier, block, captain, kitty, margin, clot, beach, cumulonimbus, casino, blaspheme, catchment area, fix, cash box, corridor, wedge, hoard, airlift, shore, entrust, mummification, store, larder, bin, bank book, banking, ledge, stockpile, vault, cliff, rank, bar, grouping, granary, net, treasury, sequence, depository, cape, billow, can, credit union, freeze, intrust, locker, suite, affirm, reef, mummify, bevy, crib, realize, clearing bank, lumberyard, market, save, buzzword, cirrocumulus, treasure-house, lean, come down, verify, treasure, strip, spur, closet, conserve, heap, vernacular, supermarket, the Fed, clump, bank draft, make, desire, rim, building society, repository, ridge, constellation, embankment, preserve, aver, argot, bay, pile, package, freezing, get back, hill, brim, warehouse, storeroom, accumulate, ground, line, posit, assembly, mart, open, assert, group, library, imprecate, mess, money box, collection, cumulus, edge, mass, the FDIC, embalm, cellar, coastline, belt, band, knot, curse, mainland, bunch, bursary, shock, balance, till, borrower, cirrus, passel, order.

draw off, unit, mistrust, single, take out, withdraw, distrust, item, draw, entity, suspect.

Examples of usage:

1) In the bank France was to have special privileges, and the police was to be under the supervision of France and Spain. - "A History of the Third French Republic", C. H. C. Wright.

2) I went into the bank and the Elder asked me to dinner and I jumped at the chance. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) " The Elder always has to be at the bank, I suppose," said Mary Ballard, " and she wouldn't go without him. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.