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Spell check of encounter

Correct spelling: encounter

group meeting, come over, antagonism, brush, playact, event, face-off, contest, take a chance, notice, join, light upon, attack, occur, assume, conform to, flirt, state of affairs, suffer, beleaguer, charge, get word, brawl, misunderstanding, invade, contact, take over, antipathy, fancy, opposition, go on, recreate, fulfil, protest, coupling, project, disagreement, hassle, greet, image, envision, knock against, accept, deal with, take place, dally, dissent, check, confluence, construe, act, realise, buggery, chance, bet, brushing, defend, touch, confront, take, storm, detect, find out, championship, cope with, hear, circumstance, stand, position, forgather, fiddle, collide with, happen, coming together, dislodge, rendezvous, withstand, conflict, accost, visualise, break, card, diddle, run across, adjoin, jar against, combat, knock, meet and greet, interpret, contrariety, quarrel, climax, salon, regain, argument, scrape, witness, retrieve, consider, kick downstairs, contrast, demote, friction, run a risk, recover, visualize, assemble, strike, observe, oppose, clangor, resistance, go out, appointment, close season, beset, Cup, understand, satisfy, adventure, wrangle, receive, roleplay, ascertain, skirmish, pass, situation, bonk, visit, find oneself, bechance, climate, bring, escort, tension, run-in, thicket, coitus, determine, fit, insure, regard, trifle, see, take care, date, wreak, go steady, welcome, figure, risk, toy, contend, copse, watch, butt against, brushwood, attain, clangour, meeting, resist, discover, pass off, collision, pick up, conditions, materialise, engage, experience, set upon, get hold, ran into, come about, dispute, get a line, meet, hap, converge, impinge on, view, happen upon, contention, go through, bump into, attend, clank, find, assault, besiege, get together, context, work, look, realize, antagonize, undergo, background, invite, see to it, examine, crown, take on, backgrounder, run, assail, take chances, line up, defiance, represent, argue, defy, wrestle, tackle, ejaculation, act as, get, engagement, get wind, reunion, brave, face, materialize, dissension, adopt, gamble, ensure, play, clang, hazard, picture, wager, incur, learn, battle, struggle, acquire, introduce, fall upon, assure, bye, come upon, clangoring, hit, environment, meet up, admit, bicker, front, present, foregather, dissidence, feel, rule, light touch, make for, reckon, the Commonwealth Games, fill, come under, take in, fight, showdown, clash, coming upon, match, fall out, chance upon, confrontation, come up, merging, befall, obtain, chance on, endure, challenge, fulfill, dare, control, tryst, bump, controversy, relegate, catch, run into, gather, crash, coppice, spiel, vie, undertake, resonate, have, come across, come on.

uphold, aid, cover, protect, befriend, support, sustain, defend, withstand, resist, shield, shelter.

Examples of usage:

1) We were not fitted for a hand- to- hand encounter. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Then the boys rowed swiftly away from the place where they had had such a thrilling encounter and never once looked back at it. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

3) The day is that of a long- expected encounter which is to end the war. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.