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Spell check of register

Correct spelling: register

record, charge, demo, scroll, Bunsen burner, evidence, enlist, books, epic, hearth, measure, memorialise, newsletter, time card, store, workbook, history, express, reference, yearbook, reckoning, present, menu, docket, summarize, annals, speak out, case, air-conditioned, detect, dispatch, air conditioner, invoice, general ledger, diglossia, heritage language, coke oven, treasury, heater, basilect, ledger, index, recording, muniment, thesaurus, say, recital, chronicle, dialect, table, roll, blacklist, immortalise, file, lexicon, clear, archives, weigh, display case, catalog, bass, warmer, cashbook, awning, A, collect, state, remark, get off, quantify, show, mark, render, detail, newspaper, smelter, discern, memo, account, bank-book, burner, dummy, score, creole, conquer, sun lamp, notch up, dehumidifier, enroll, exhibit, home language, description, recount, audit, manifest, memorandum, steam heater, potbellied stove, blast furnace, point, first language, audio book, notebook, tabulate, count, discover, sign in, sound off, biography, recognize, memorial, registry, depict, enumeration, sign up, falter, novel, glossary, usher, digest, lodge, enter, air conditioning, evince, documentation, jet, appointment book, inventory, commemorate, fit out, circulate, schedule, pronounce on, clock, collection, double flat, articulate, picture, infrared lamp, timer, bibliography, observe, testify, minute, sink in, firebox, registrar, establish, take, flash, profit and loss, mop up, waitlist, budget, file away, pick out, total, interlanguage, translate, convector, sweep, prove, datebook, vent, slate, cart, oven, join, gleam, floor model, comment, kiln, tablet, knowledge, album, indicate, inscribe, learn, enumerate, scan, cash register, dictionary, grate, cross, waybill, log, designate, annual, balance, balance sheet, archive, crotchet, asset, furnace, storybook, soak in, timepiece, notice, acrolect, receipts, blotter, a/c, show up, spot, journal, formulate, interlingual, census, dawn on, memoir, autobiography, entry, address book, furrow, measure out, coal stove, mannequin, checklist, beat, chord, formula, calendar, win, pace out, membership, pad, roster, story, book, itemize, cash book, read, ship, fire off, tell, send, personnel, cross-file, water heater, logbook, hit list, identify, anecdote, listening post, minutes, romp ahead, plate glass, air, bear witness, study, send out, scribe, tape, itemization, list, D, clinch, diary, crease, do, narration, radiator, crumple, wrap up, daybook, sum, subscribe, bill, blank-book, fireplace, check, chronology, scrapbook, post, secretary, repertory, baby book, central heating, understand, note, hot list, boiler, tally, transcribe, get, copy to, Franklin stove, creep, demonstrate, narrative, solar heater, C, remember, document, sound, summary, induction heater, interpret, shew, statement, triumph, immortalize, blue book, insert, gauge, B, memorialize, put down, journalize.

Examples of usage:

1) He read my name in the register. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) They are afraid that his strength will be turned against themselves so soon as it has disposed of their foreign foe: and Braccio is on the spot, in order to watch his movements, to register every deed that can give the slightest hold for an accusation- in short, to supply the Signoria with the materials for a trial, which is proceeding step by step with Luria's successful campaign, and is to crush him the moment this is completed. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.

3) Some girl behind a cash register. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.