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Spell check of bespeak

Correct spelling: bespeak

evince, tell, signal, mean, communicate, postulate, desire, betoken, sign, maneuver, quest, point, sharpen, involve, demonstrate, reserve, get, charge, forecast, taper, expose, auspicate, repoint, address, steer, take, foretell, channelise, words, reveal, show, gather up, book, bay, denote, prefigure, orient, place, testify, signalize, target, argue, collect, channelize, signalise, prognosticate, necessitate, predict, demand, declare, mark, portend, plead, attest, pick up, guide, manifest, betray, display, engage, sue, call for, augur, level, designate, witness, request, ask, invite, suggest, manoeuver, bode, need, lecture, signify, require, prelect, point to, seek, give away, luff, speak, direct, omen, aim, manoeuvre, presage, head, indicate, foreshadow, call, solicit.

disguise, varnish, counterfeit, camouflage, cover, veil, conceal, distort, misrepresent, mask, falsify, occlude, belie, obscure, whitewash, twist, gild, gloss, garble, hide.

Examples of usage:

1) This in itself was enough to bespeak his sympathy. - "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero", F. Hopkinson Smith.

2) Still I had a vague trust in her, a hope changing and fantastic as the wind, but still a hope that she might not prove the thoughtless creature her conduct seemed to bespeak her. - "Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life", Ann S. Stephens.

3) Then, on the letters: " These letters bespeak the character of the man. - "Bardell v. Pickwick", Percy Fitzgerald.