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Spell check of bass

Correct spelling: bass

ray, lamprey, adagio, bass guitar, perch, bassist, abstruse, trumpets, mystifying, musician, turbot, recondite, alto, violas, recorders, soprano, grave, cryptic, gar, carp, hammerhead, trombonist, chant, English horn, pickerel, low, arrangement, harmonious, recorder, bassoonist, blackfish, thick, maestro, bass part, clarinet, classical guitar, chorus, pike, shark, C, electric guitars, balalaika, rainbow trout, player, violinist, mysterious, oboes, pianos, basso, harps, bass voice, guitar, chorale, sole, French horn, dull, keyboardist, tenor, sunfish, whitefish, harmonica, violin, air guitar, cello, oboist, char, allegro, alto saxophone, minnow, bluesy, English horns, organ, barracuda, contralto, crotchet, keyboards, drummer, horns, choirboy, cellist, trombone, double flat, anchovy, do, clarinets, cod, cantata, bowfin, tuna, bloater, mackerel, plangent, harpsichords, instrumentalist, cryptical, trumpeter, tenor saxophones, chord, French horns, fiddles, dogfish, harp, faint, trombones, flute, saxophones, guitars, hollow, halibut, piano, concerto, clarinetist, accordionist, swordfish, flat, sepulchral, harmonicas, drum, flutist, keyboard, performer, bouillabaisse, harmonic, viola, sonorous, classical, heavy, andante, funky, bassoons, drums, saxophonist, rich, banjoist, D, harpsichord, eel, koi, composer, fillet, oboe, haddock, deep, kipper, sea horse, violincello, electric pianos, arranger, barrel organ, bream, throaty, mudfish, electric guitar, choir, bluegill, fluke, sardine, freshwater bass, A, saxophone, singer, tarpon, air, alto saxophones, falsetto, bassoon, flounder, fiddler, piccolo, choirgirl, catfish, crappie, sturgeon, violincelli, pianist, accordion, B, trout, bagpipes, beat, guitarist, harpsichordist, baritone, fiddle, guppy, celli, puffer, mezzo, walleye, salmon, violins, chorister, piccolos, banjo, flutes, organs, sailfish, horn, goldfish, hake, acoustic, goby, banjoes, albacore, speckled trout, fish, atonal, electric piano, classical guitars, resonant, flatfish, sting ray, chub, baby grand, sea bass, tenor saxophone, smelt, discordant, virtuoso, inscrutable, harpist, herring, filet, grouper, low-pitched, choirmaster, trumpet, marlin, chowder, sounds.

peeping, acute, high-pitched, shrill, piercing, sharp, treble, earsplitting, tinny, thin, squealing, penetrating, high, squeaky, strident, piping, squeaking.

Examples of usage:

1) Suddenly, however, there resounded the deep bass bark of a dog which astonished Stas and Nell, for it appeared to come from a tent which they had not visited and which was assigned for saddles, implements, and various traveling paraphernalia. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Suddenly he barked once or twice a short, broken bass and dashed ahead. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) Will you have a whiskey and soda or a bottle of Bass? - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.