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Spell check of read

Correct spelling: read

get a line, train, articulate, shoot, sympathise, gleaned, pore, film, forecast, corrupt, larn, call for, immortalise, subscribe, necessitate, readership, suppose, skim, withdraw, uncover, identify with, contain, assimilate, see through, analyse, conceive, ingest, contract, postulate, consider, measure, realize, receive, claim, read out, record, rent, picture, conduct, perceive, take up, indicate, absorb, assume, prove, enjoin, bear witness, append, find out, apprehend, have, immortalize, illegible, usher, exact, require, devour, prophesy, bring, point, legible, vaticinate, select, make of, evince, relate to, musical, abort, comprehended, adopt, delete, deliver, comprehend, make, assimilated, translate, lead, file, transform, mark, glean, censor, carry, learn, ascertain, scanned, study, contents, use up, figure out, rake, take, understood, savvy, grasp, clock, compass, bowdlerize, memorialise, investigated, weigh, direct, charter, crash, memorialize, voice, empathize, ask, dramatize, admit, demonstrate, memorize, watch, represent, realise, take on, speed reading, submit, enter, mastered, lease, engage, buffer, establish, cut, teach, studied, commemorate, empathise, render, adapt, guide, depict, strike, musicality, fill, discover, twig, contemplate, make out, house, aver, grasped, subscribe to, enounce, check, take in, fit out, include, augur, fathom, demand, state, sense, get word, hear, discovered, testify, deal, remove, hold, need, infer, say, perusal, interpret, hit the books, prognosticate, learned, exhibit, reader, demo, memorise, pitch, take away, ken, meditate, dig, compress, put down, decode, see, determine, order, get, accept, reading group, shew, understand, look at, rhythm, close, pack, peruse, hire, canvass, condense, take aim, accommodate, realized, get hold of, present, harbor, fit, involve, run down, measure out, get wind, presage, emulate, choose, show, perfect pitch, convey, express, boot, pick up, digested, construe, absorbed, show up, allege, acquire, catch, mishear, enunciate, rede, in time, pace out, call, pronounce, predict, glance over, tape, gather, examine, master, pick out, fluent, aim, follow, occupy, designate, sound, digest, con, gauge, cross-file, quantify, display, scan, instruct, find, read up on, analyze, drive, consume, tell, canvas, sound out, overhear, register, sympathize, reading, cut down, evidence, discern.

recite, report, recount, narrate, unread, tell, describe, relate.

Examples of usage:

1) Each read: You must come at once. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Yes, do read it, Dick. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) She had read it before. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.