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Spell check of grasp

Correct spelling: grasp

grab, take in, discover, ability, judgment, batch, hold on, savvy, coordination, energy, clarity, seize, absorb, pat, talent, cargo deck, adhere, lust, detention, toil, catch, conceive, reaching, need, cradle, secure, stop, bobby pin, realize, poke, image, accomplish, control, percipience, hollow, skill, digest, get, greatness, handhold, cover, manage, command, long, vigor, jab, proficiency, law, cargo area, crave, moil, hang in, bag, have, labor, mountain chain, handgrip, custody, storage area, coordinate, take, travail, rule, cop, potency, perceive, assimilate, clutch pedal, clutch, sovereignty, carry, scope, procure, domination, appreciation, apprehend, fathom, sense, discipline, force, retain, understanding, gift, clinch, delve, attain, adhesive friction, traveling bag, suitcase, desire, handling, strength, oligopoly, expect, comprehend, hope, cut into, grok, persist, exploit, welcome, vision, stove, time lag, common sense, jump at, get the picture, cooking stove, hold tight, government, maintenance, achieve, earn, labour, keep, mastery, gain, competence, clutch bag, hold the line, clutches, discernment, hold, read, encompass, stretch, management, might, clasp, hairgrip, embrace, make out, knowledge, orbit, dig, reason, see the light, experience, intelligence, quail at, mandate, will, wisdom, master, want, puissance, dig out, conservation, understand, admiration, hanker, obtain, retention, hang on, supremacy, nab, grind, excavate, dominate, reach, touch, range, leadership, pine, compass, grapple, glean, charge, authority, study, collar, stab, win, deduce, delay, know, detainment, arrive at, brush, power, intellect, grip, fancy, chain, accept, reign, wait, circumnavigate, perceptiveness, postponement, acquire, taste, traction, aptitude, benefit, direction, monopoly, drudge, clench, ken, ambit, dig up, direct, hunger, mountain range, recognize, see, twig, work out, perception, tap, discern, yearn, covet, handle, pick up, hand, apprehension, brilliance, commission, prowess, engagement, contact, intuition, nail, kitchen stove, prod, kitchen range, persevere, arrest, sway, govern, learn, wish, turn over, reservation, chain of mountains, cargo hold, follow, thirst, itch, range of mountains.

helplessness, relinquishment, misapprehension, misinterpretation, incomprehension, misunderstanding, impotency, abandon, powerlessness, forfeit, let go, fail, miss, weakness, lose, release, impotence, give up, misperception.

Examples of usage:

1) With good luck the prize seemed within our grasp. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) For days I could not grasp the reason for the world- excitement. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) I'm afraid I don't quite grasp the point of that. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.