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Spell check of absorb

Correct spelling: absorb

infuse, go, draw, sponge, hack, buy out, abide, wear, attract, cozy up, make, bear, brook, wet-nurse, usurp, douse, blow, adopt, fascinate, dupe, gather in, drain, occupy, puff, handle, grasp, imbibe, receive, repeat, buy up, drink up, bemuse, countenance, assimilate, play out, play up, take-up, have, invite, understand, string, sorb, hook on, dip, draw down, assume, tolerate, truckle, digest, take out, comprehend, pull out, take over, kotow, pull in, eject, cotton up, drag, lease, mesh, pursue, scoop up, seize on, pass, delineate, eat up, engross, nurse, guide, get, suckle, reap, drink in, gulp, access, toady, charter, tie, sop up, cast, run, devour, drink, admit, stick out, employ, immerse, dunk, lodge in, soak, go down on, incorporate, thread, consume, affiance, draw and quarter, wage, accept, swallow up, support, enlist, put on, bide, watch, pull back, view, sweat out, expel, gain, relieve, plunge, catch, bring in, lift out, inhale, borrow, take on, plight, co-opt, quarter, depict, awareness, pocket, scoop out, breastfeed, gobble, embody, engulf, inspire, stand, strike, disembowel, befool, bury, acquire, put one across, enthrall, give, catch up, preoccupy, realise, fool, discover, give suck, invade, see, suck in, burn, spend, intercept, betroth, gull, plunk, soak up, dump, expend, intrigue, glean, read, reside, dive, line, engage, shine up, appropriate, overhear, exhaust, clear, rent, steep, earn, endure, launch, withdraw, describe, seize, realize, lock, slang, study, cod, concern, busy, pull, fill, start, hire, blot, meet, interest, worry, take-in, use up, operate, sustain, trace, integrate, put one over, fawn, force, eat, fasten on, souse, draw off, kowtow, enwrap, engorge, prosecute, stomach, bootlick, eviscerate, latch on, sense, sidle up, master, resume, involve, ingest, draw in, arrogate, collect, get out, monopolize, fellate, learn, suck up, scoop, grip, excite, take.

dissipate, restore, fortify, put forth, decline, pall, give up, throw off, enlarge, give out, abstain, cast out, evade, renew, radiate, fight, rebuild, combat, bolster, vomit, reject, disgorge, bore, conserve, dodge, give off, refuse, elude, send out, emit, reinforce, distract, revive, augment, save, escape, repudiate, avoid, bypass, repair, jade, spurn, disperse, exude, replace, contest, dismiss, resist, enforce, forbear, oppose, preserve, increase, refrain, circumvent, tire, turn down, miss, weary, strengthen, eject.

Examples of usage:

1) Wholly to absorb that attitude Tommy had to go back some years, to an old atmosphere- an atmosphere of discriminations between the things a man could do and the other things which he could not do. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) In the summer, when the continued sunshine is made more heating by the piercing influence of the reflecting snow- fields, there is a tendency to absorb heat. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Mix with your superiors in matters of business and morals and you will unconsciously absorb qualities and ideas that will push you to the front. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.