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Spell check of incorporate

Correct spelling: incorporate

include, check, comingle, homogenize, express, manifest, compose, contain, merged, consist, hold in, arrest, concrete, be, amalgamate, enmesh, moderate, intermix, envelop, united, commingle, materialize, infuse, control, embody, conglomerate, compound, coordinated, charter, represent, carry, hold, incorporated, add to, immix, intermingle, integrate, integrated, entangle, take, organize, hold back, interconnected, assimilate, assemble, fuse, consolidate, corporate, merge, join, absorb, turn back, concoct, composite, unite, desegregate, combine, build in, instantiate, personify, conflate, encompass, stop, commix, meld, co-opt, involve, substantiate, unified, interfuse, brew, wed, make up, constitute, mix, marry, mingle, bear, epitomize, immingle, incarnate, curb, blend, body, personalize, externalize, comprise, structured.

disengage, detach, cleave, disjoin, disembody, rupture, break up, disunite, disintegrate, sever, scatter, divorce, divided, split, break down, separate, sunder, part, divide, dissolve, disperse.

Examples of usage:

1) It's too late to incorporate it in the body of the work. - "The Come Back", Carolyn Wells.

2) Meantime, I shall incorporate this experience of the handkerchief in my next book. - "The Come Back", Carolyn Wells.

3) They dwell there a long while often at war with the Apalachis, who conquer them and incorporate at last. - "The American Nations, Vol. I.", C. S. Rafinesque.