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Spell check of constitute

Correct spelling: constitute

produce, stand for, reach, ground, fix, authorize, make, call, launch, key, detail, found, cook, embrace, compose, structure, interpret, innovate, defend, realize, lay down, symbolize, designate, correspond, piddle, stool, settle, key out, wee, even off, present, start, pay, attach, promulgate, get to, mold, begin, draw, patch up, effect, exemplify, micturate, seduce, pee-pee, make water, pretend, shew, charge, organise, gain, Be, compile, comprise, imbed, implant, realise, bring in, place, pass, cite, prove, mould, bring up, describe, amount, equal, prepare, occasion, bring about, set, spend a penny, ready, plant, build, manufacture, combine, make believe, list, name, incorporate, ca-ca, invent, install, politics, lay out, hold, establish, draft, act, propose, cook up, consist, reconcile, identify, perform, set up, pioneer, contain, stage, compensate, work, put up, imprint, induce, conciliate, distinguish, nominate, frame, wee-wee, embed, forge, cause, ordain, execute, even up, cost, refer, even out, do, take shape, relieve oneself, enact, put forward, initiate, pay off, compel, require, pull in, construct, include, take a leak, mention, decree, shape, typify, commission, progress to, puddle, action, personify, take form, catch up with, take in, throw, originate, give, compound, constrain, take a shit, attain, symbolise, appoint, represent, correct, engraft, bring, form, institute, instal, discover, force, pass water, score, hit, develop, base, create, fabricate, make out, make up, organize, order, clear, live, get, follow, delegate, aggregate, have, become, map, demonstrate, spring, stimulate, arrange, exist, embody, diagnose, advert, take a crap, render, inaugurate, assign, counterbalance, earn, show, arrive at, introduce, fashion, play, legislate, take.

shut, fire, round, unmake, halt, wrap up, annul, dismiss, stop, close, invalidate, evict, discharge, depose, expel, rescind, abrogate, blackball, repeal, dethrone, eject, abolish, finish, uncrown, end, oust, remove, phase out, nullify, reverse, terminate, cancel, void, wind up, overturn, displace, revoke, unseat, overthrow, throw out, annihilate.

Examples of usage:

1) Those ideas would constitute the basis of a very rational and moderate programme. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Economic phenomena, they hold, constitute only one phase of the general life of the particular nations in which they appear. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) It is almost superfluous to add that Mr. Browning's dramatic sympathies and metaphysical or religious ideas constitute him an optimist. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.