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Spell check of rate

Correct spelling: rate

vagabond, prepare, crop, control, integrate, speed, score, tell, tread, computation, estimate, govern, conclude, grade, plot, tax, harmonize, devise, set, offer, brand, pasture, shape, designate, commit, scale, determine, pose, study, ordain, length, type, get, localize, momentum, expense, balance, schedule, number, well-earned, orchestrate, count, settle, direct, total, say, esteem, bristle with, tempo, survey, appraise, consider, term, schematize, straddle, categorize, peg, think, footstep, scheme, jog, screen, collate, undeserved, step, credit with, 15, appraisal, meter, caliber, wear, quantification, sift, guess, flow, quotation, evaluate, swan, regulate, assay, stratify, have, invest, subordinate, deem, dearness, unify, proportion, right, win, value, price, cost, fee, structure, distribute, calibrate, grow in, judge, damage, deserving, respect, lay, evaluation, measure, rating, rove, dictate, basis, browse, put, plan, separate, cast, weigh, normalize, worth, frame, set out, allowance, figure, run, calculation, site, size up, organize, charge, locate, roll, array, bear, add, ramble, form, 18, target, stabilize, incidence, point, comparison, relationship, enjoin, time, group, send, lay out, methodize, irregular, standard, drift, deserve, prise, fix, frequency, yard, approximate, movement, place, prescribe, arrange, compute, presume, deduce, outlay, tab, duty, calculate, systematize, velocity, stride, tariff, prize, multiply, PG, mediate, bill, infer, charge per unit, possess, triangulate, measurement, classify, regularize, quantify, treasure, aim, valuation, compose, unsnarl, gauge, R, calibration, quantize, rank, assess, identify, seem, marshal, percentage, amount, valuate, surmise, relation, quota, enumerate, chart, long, wander, suppose, ranking, localise, premium, G., position, sum up, benchmark, reckon, motion, ordinate, clip, design, come out, appreciate, test, earn, set up, adjust, 12, much, gait, tally, sum, account, order, range, stray, support, rationalize, represent, come in, pace, program, regularise, deserved, sort, mark, irregularity, post, belong to, quantity, class, divide, merit, degree, consecrate, roam, outrank, pigeonhole, graze, establish, gain, levy, maintain, toll, tend, station, due.


Examples of usage:

1) " I will go around to her home at any rate," I said. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) At any rate, they told the public so. - "The Operatic Problem", William Johnson Galloway.

3) At any rate, I'm going to find out who the Mary girl is and try to be a friend to her just because she looks like you. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.