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Spell check of pose

Correct spelling: pose

beget, falsify, astound, posture, spoil, ticktock, honest, beat, become, vanquish, thrum, couch, get under one's skin, pretend, catch, have, ride, defraud, exhaust, stand by, stay put, commit, place, suffer, gimmick, airs, coiffure, affectation, coif, crow, bind, guile, experience, tucker out, begin, model, deception, target, worry, astonish, attitude, stance, sit, outwit, convey, lay, impersonate, station, cleave, direct, frustrate, put down, salute, bother, develop, collapse, make, localize, introduce, curl up, award, determine, commence, gift, fraud, mannerism, charade, artificiality, sting, gloat, advance, affectedness, hunker down, counterfeit, do, bring up against, propose, fix, besot, throttle, set forth, duplicity, arrive, rile, take, amaze, come, cuddle up, foible, raise up, scramble, portray, cause, rate, perplex, locate, outsmart, discombobulate, thump, guise, hold fast, complicate, pound, rag, lay out, sustain, rig, cover, attitudinizing, buzz off, pulsate, disguise, seat, stay, represent, put, stir up, grow, hold back, confront, put on, stick by, throw, go under, double-dealing, congeal, set out, poise, adjust, playacting, chafe, acquaint, down, stun, sham, bluff, fructify, carriage, scram, repose, beat out, bugger off, fall, bond, pay back, arrest, coiffe, tucker, mark, generate, pay off, sit around, play-act, frame, cross, deportment, limit, jell, trounce, fake, aim, sit down, misconduct, get to, stimulate, let, suggest, shell, typeset, gear up, start out, show, mock up, draw, put forward, exhibit, go down, puzzle, imitation, submit, imitate, cast, overreach, masquerade, post, come in, flop, ticktack, stick, countersink, specify, contract, adhere, set, impersonation, inhibit, shake up, demonstrate, give, personify, pretension, receive, ostentation, regulate, come out, brag, drive, propound, stage, tick, forge, commove, lodge, get at, preen, set up, foul play, deceive, facade, correct, bewilder, wedge, drum, dissemble, present, work over, feign, bring, stick around, produce, set about, wash up, stick to, plant, capture, bed down, prepare, redact, foil, burden, nark, stupefy, mould, deceit, point, sire, arrange, falseness, front, posturing, embarrass, engender, mystify, corruption, offer, crush, sic, nonplus, mother, site, affect, nettle, count against, range, pass, flaunt, scotch, deliver, father, position, beat up, define, flap, semblance, cohere, invest, outfox, personate, mold, raise, incur, pattern, flummox, induce, pretense, vex, get, let down, identify, smoke and mirrors, get down, thwart, agitate, send, bunk, imposture, act, parade, irritate, dishonesty, obtain, baffle, grade, bearing, assign, baby-sit, find, dress, true, circumvent, device, annoy, ready, face, cling, air, simulate, go, rank, idiosyncrasy, gravel, bring forth, disadvantage, claim, bilk, localise, show off, fakery, bemuse, patronize, boast, ask, dumbfound, start, demo, quiver, forgery, acquire, disturb, order, plague, balance, fetch, attitudinize.

candor, naïveté, forthrightness, candidness, genuineness, artlessness, frankness, bluntness, plainspokenness, straightforwardness, outspokenness, openheartedness, directness, sincerity.

Examples of usage:

1) All of these factors pose complex problems. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) " The one whose clothing is so- so- as if she would pose for the-" " Hush, Julie. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) The effect was singular, violently original at all events, but with nothing that gave you the idea of a pose. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.