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Spell check of dress

Correct spelling: dress

perform, get along, fedora, develop, trick out, reproach, make, pull-over, Jersey, call down, fleece, caparison, pajamas, kilt, kimono, windbreaker, coat, dress up, window-dress, rationalise, clothe, topcoat, cheongsam, plant, attend, deck out, nip off, determine, beret, tog out, lay, chew out, poncho, preen, hook, fit, array, practise, plume, marshal, fancy up, t-shirt, formal, bake, tog, frock, garments, fructify, curry, plaid, habilitate, adjust, blanch, shirt, gazump, prink, reduce, countersink, discerp, pluck, jog, loincloth, jacket, clothing, caftan, overdress, arrange, national dress, get hold, panties, sic, ornament, exercise, try on, cut short, bandage, invest, align, trimming, pride, pea coat, cut back, surcharge, evening gown, turtle-neck, hat, pull on, wrap up, localise, shave, apparel, reprove, cultivate, mackintosh, tog up, pants, full-dress, castigate, rationalize, groom, correct, curb, snip off, browse, congeal, barde, wrap, fare, upbraid, make out, fit out, stage, prepare, gussy up, shorts, grace, ensemble, answer, define, vestment, snip, cloak, uniform, curtail, chemise, admonish, clothes, fabricate, prime, bard, work, localize, put, coiffure, lop, come up, equip, trousers, garnishee, rebuke, blue jeans, range, outfit, corset, smoking jacket, reprimand, formulate, cocktail dress, halter, fur, robe, dressing gown, trench coat, compose, fez, devise, evening dress, housecoat, typeset, wearing apparel, train, boot, congratulate, go down, set, rap, nightgown, crinoline, get up, camisole, bone, dirndl, primp, put on, graze, position, deck up, practice, queue, bawl out, chill, trim back, bonnet, coif, jumper, carve, limit, fix up, slacks, dress out, headdress, bedeck, lay out, trot, tunic, neaten, petticoat, accouter, slip into, garnish, decorate, blouse, find, raincoat, vestments, bowler, scarf, chide, sari, till, get dressed, rig out, tam-o'-shanter, wrapper, sweat suit, catch, cut, sack, trim down, overcoat, skirt, footgear, serve, adorn, garb, behave, order, trim, national costume, ballgown, slicker, cover up, do, Stetson, garment, dinner jacket, chastise, blazer, rob, execute, butter, jell, pinafore, fashion, coiffe, fig out, catheterize, blend, furnish, soak, deck, cape, ready, come, aline, pose, suffice, lambaste, anaesthetize, fix, beautify, smock, attire, parka, cause, bring down, chapeau, v-neck, cut down, bind, pillbox, duds, vesture, gear up, clip, scold, construct, raiment, homburg, mobilize, place, prepared, pasture, overcharge, costume, sports coat, set up, wear, bleed, trick up, beautiful, prune, Afghan, bypass, gown, praise, sheath, sarong, call on the carpet, bring back, cauterize, drape, greatcoat, foster, tuxedo, sweat shirt, sporran, touch, pyjamas, ulster, specify, crop, queue up, beat, doublet, sever, draft, shoes, shawl, culture, burnoose, shift, act, sweater, attack, suit, bathrobe, robes, anesthetize, embellish, flash back, format, go under, stockings, butchery, tend, restrict, manage, pare, mark, enclothe, line-up, care for, butcher, tax, brassiere, dressy, rig, habit, fig up.

exposure, sloven, rumpled, dishabille, casual, peel, uncase, strip, informal, unkempt, slovenly, disrobe, grungy, outmoded, styleless, dowdy, disarray, disheveled, messy, street, wrinkled, nudity, sloppy, bareness, unfashionable, nakedness, unstylish, sporty, undress, discase, frowsy, unclothe, untidy, strip down, mussy.

Examples of usage:

1) I'm sure that this dress will fit Constance. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) They must help me to dress. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) Arline had gone to her own room to dress, too angry to speak what was in her mind. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.