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Spell check of honest

Correct spelling: honest

skillful, unrestrained, impartial, concrete, expert, aboveboard, estimable, unfeigned, angelical, secure, actual, right, safe, heartfelt, beneficial, square, in effect, true, unspoilt, outgoing, simple, straight-from-the-shoulder, bonnie, false, assistant, righteous, undisguised, natural, bald, unvarnished, proven, undeceiving, earnest, unreserved, serious, direct, certified, straight-shooting, artless, authentic, tangible, transparent, unprejudiced, unadorned, bona fide, unmannered, ethical, folksy, see, callow, average, realistic, free-spoken, real, effective, sound, adept, openhearted, straight, comely, unbiased, frank, kosher, creditable, veritable, pure, correct, mediocre, accurate, ceremonial, unpoetical, intrinsic, unquestionable, unsophisticated, undeceptive, blunt, ripe, plain-spoken, skilful, incorruptible, saintly, in force, axiomatic, un-artificial, open, forthcoming, overt, trusting, unpretentious, straightforward, uncalculating, broad, virtuous, good, echt, certain, moral, clear, veracious, ordinary, upright, literal, certifiable, fair, foursquare, naive, sightly, just, equitable, proficient, dear, unspoiled, absolute, ingenuous, bonny, cooperative, collegiate, intelligible, unpretending, decent, straight-out, untarnished, conscionable, verifiable, gospel, exact, adjunct, deceptive, genuine, man-to-man, unaffected, casual, outspoken, near, well, innocent, stark, clerical, collaborative, dependable, reasonable, candid, prosaic, truthful, guileless, forthright, honourable, stand-up, fairish, legitimate, law-abiding, unbeguiling, definite, plain, downright, practiced, principled, sure-enough, nice, pukka, noble, honorable, plainspoken, undeceitful, antisocial, reliable, unimpeachable, associate, middling, blameless, salutary, show, solid, unartful, freehearted, worthy, upstanding, all right, informal, undecomposed, trustworthy, factual, respectable, out-front, substantial, irrefutable, full, unguarded, clean, New Zealand, right-minded, up-front, uncluttered, hearty, scrupulous, irreproachable, fine, precise, sincere.

designing, mean, deceptive, bogus, guileful, decadent, thieving, cynical, mock, offensive, evasive, untrue, calculating, disreputable, rascally, duplicitous, dishonest, tricky, unprincipled, foxy, knavish, thievish, corrupt, skeptical, wrong, double-faced, scoundrelly, bluffing, pseudo, affected, dissimulating, pretending, unfair, inequitable, strained, slippery, fabricated, unbelievable, laconic, delusory, unrighteous, mistrustful, dissolute, ambidextrous, unethical, unreliable, blamable, fraudulent, civilized, unbecoming, suspicious, reserved, nefarious, diplomatic, counterfeit, unnatural, naughty, maneuvering, beguiling, canny, vile, degraded, immoral, atrocious, blackguardly, sharp, imitative, perverse, false, degenerate, sham, uncommunicative, indecent, inhibited, untruthful, considerate, prevaricating, man-made, equivocating, untrusty, blameworthy, ignoble, mendacious, close-mouthed, roguish, wary, concocted, feigned, critical, sly, criminal, undependable, unjust, crooked, picaresque, smooth, unworthy, devious, civil, wicked, shoddy, shrewd, double-dealing, manipulative, synthetic, reprehensible, unconscionable, vicious, knowing, phony, quiet, adroit, factitious, Janus-faced, evil-minded, hypocritical, polished, dishonorable, circuitous, subtle, untrustworthy, delusive, misleading, perverted, unreal, fallacious, simulated, venal, evil, reprobate, artificial, wretched, black, supposititious, infamous, libertine, debased, worldly, mealymouthed, assuming, cosmopolitan, cunning, forced, politic, pretentious, reticent, two-faced, deceitful, objectionable, flattering, villainous, worldly-wise, insincere, posing, arch, fibbing, suppositious, cutthroat, tactful, double-tongued, tight-lipped, base, dissembling, sneaky, intriguing, unctuous, loose, refined, slick, dissipated, equivocal, unauthentic, disgraceful, treacherous, underhanded, unseemly, manufactured, restrained, shameful, sinful, incorrect, erring, iniquitous, depraved, cultured, courteous, polite, artful, censurable, sycophantic, demoralized, cultivated, scheming, ambiguous, shifty, improper, low, indecorous, taciturn, crafty, spurious, lying, culpable, debauched, sophisticated, fallen, bad, errant, unscrupulous, imitation, fake, wily, rotten, profligate.

Examples of usage:

1) I know, Kali, that you are an honest and good boy. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Anything he asked me,- anything, at least, that a fair man could ask, and an honest one could do. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) But I've got to be honest with you. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.