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Spell check of effect

Correct spelling: effect

moment, precipitate, provoke, aspect, inwardness, centre, set off, look, performance, composition, outgrowth, outcome, epilog, shake-up, loading, goods, bonding, takings, resolution, elicit, cherub, use, evoke, progeny, trigger, content, proceeds, exploit, appearance, aftermath, serve, encumbrance, act, cast, nitty-gritty, subject, military issue, backwash, number, denouement, correction, arrange, personalty, chattels, end product, ready, fruit, essence, outlet, posterity, nucleus, set up, lares and penates, child, apply, resultant, instal, asset, issue, utilize, aside, operation, result, nub, legend, accomplishment, gear up, military force, power, repercussion, stamp, belief, establish, change, operate, install, ramification, ensnare, sequel, coda, termination, effects, efficiency, wake, exertion, onus, stuff, absorbance, topic, mental picture, engender, owned, thing, attraction, cause, feeling, ad-lib, consummation, yield, alteration, duds, personnel, depression, practice, inaugurate, deed, engineer, doing, exercise, exit, generate, center, being, induce, imprint, rig, actualization, motivate, air resistance, achievement, incumbrance, aftereffect, reform, good, paraphernalia, product, substance, effectiveness, action, issuing, violence, possession, valuables, upshot, affect, styling, holdings, effectualness, strength, tack, event, marrow, commission, things, sequent, give rise to, tack together, homage, flavor, transaction, military group, burden, fixed asset, inspire, force out, found, harvest, codicil, way out, pith, produce, corollary, core, conclusion, frame, meat, egress, matter, backstory, launch, mark, piece, put, transformation, activate, impact, postlude, perfume, personal property, enforce, comic relief, originate, gear, follow-up, execution, put up, belongings, eventuality, raise, face, form, realization, catalyze, employ, externals, implement, fix, execute, answer, order, printing, put in, final result, impression, pitch, chattel, magnetic core, fate, contrivance, evolution, sequence, postscript, exert, proceeding, heart, personal effects, picture, draftsmanship, efficaciousness, motion, put together, military unit, balance, amplitude, entrap, plunder, rear, capillary action, format, offspring, aesthetic, descendant, return, feat, potency, surface, government issue, movables, centripetal force, make, core group, function, materialization, appurtenance, drive, lay out, assemble, create, forcefulness, force, publication, erect, sway, kernel, afterthought, adjustment, case, emergence, solvent, import, centrifugal force, bring about, load, notion, solution, movable, conduct, development, heart and soul, take, sum, calorific, legacy, property, opinion, consequence, work, efficacy, issuance, invent, effectuality, start off, effectuate, movement, prepare, trend, influence, resultant role, belonging, set, be, gist, payoff.

weakness, source, cessation, cause, inspiration, instigation, determinant, base, ground, impotence, immobility, inaction, powerlessness, reason, impotency, inactivity, antecedent, occasion, basis, spring, passion, quiescence, rest, inertia, incentive, impetus, groundwork, helplessness, root, causation, endurance, deliberation, foundation, origin, suffering, quiet, stimulus, mother, consideration, suspension, real estate, immovables, factor.

Examples of usage:

1) " You'll have to effect it in half that time, sir," said she, solemnly. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) In effect, this was a shadow of the earth thrown into space. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) His words had an effect on the Major also. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.