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Spell check of erect

Correct spelling: erect

stir, house, install, arrange, grow, upright, arouse, evoke, tolerate, tack, fire, advance, nurture, unbowed, ensnare, launch, bombastic, tin, farm, raised, parent, fix, bear, domiciliate, statant, uplift, exalt, rise up, provoke, offer, instal, plumb, escalate, conjure up, elicit, leaven, set, post, make, hoist, rampant, rig, fastigiate, endure, sheer, assemble, nominate, stand-up, elevate, raise, resurrect, digest, put in, pitch, call down, unsloped, gear up, lift, upstanding, good, bring up, large, brook, rear, call forth, steep, upraise, uprear, stick out, put together, kindle, up-and-down, lay out, heighten, longitudinal, rise, put forward, entrap, provide, rearing, piece, conjure, enhance, stand, get up, upgrade, horizontal, turgid, support, construct, levy, contribute, kick upstairs, standing, build, promote, can, hard, levitate, order, perpendicular, vertical, invoke, erectile, puffy, put up, produce, orotund, intumescent, ready, passant, straight-backed, straight, stomach, tack together, tumid, just, abide, found, frame, put, tumescent, unbent, enkindle, prove, set up, recruit, effect, effectuate, suffer, orthostatic, establish, prepare, declamatory.

nodding, accumbent, raze, dismantle, prostrate, hunched, supine, flat, bended, bent, pendulous, take down, sleeping, cernuous, slanting, unerect, pull down, crooked, stooping, tear down, round-shouldered, dormant, round-backed, decumbent, procumbent, slanted, drooping, soft, stooped, couchant, resupine, weeping, recumbent, hanging, prone, sagging, rase, diagonal, level.

Examples of usage:

1) Barry Martin stood erect and motionless, while Repton spoke to the young man. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) It jerked erect when it saw the man at the ceiling. - "Fair and Warmer", E. G. von Wald.

3) The creature sat erect with his head leaning against Hyde, and Hyde's arm was thrown around his neck as he talked to him of their adventures on the Broad that day. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.