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Spell check of induce

Correct spelling: induce

win, jostle, incur, festinate, piddle, wee-wee, generate, nominate, spend a penny, poke, hit, ca-ca, invest, convert, contract, draw on, establish, stool, puddle, sire, pass water, obtain, touch off, invoke, catapult, form, thrust, deliver, coax, transfer, pay, result, beat, grow, take a crap, construct, shake, take, make, encourage, fix, entice, realise, give rise to, prevail, conduct, strike, shake up, seat, stir, breed, bring in, stick, bring on, tempt, take a shit, elicit, catch, magnetize, hurl, make up, secure, argue into, antenatal, realize, hurtle, take a leak, rush along, baby blues, pay back, bring forth, fetch, amniocentesis, sling, capture, drag, drive, progress to, do, amaze, vex, create, bump, nudge, pretend, beget, influence, race, acquire, hold, impart, engender, commence, sweeten, step on it, yield, speed, expedite, ready, relieve oneself, impel, suffer, the afterbirth, charm, flummox, make water, tip, lay down, sway, convey, let, implore, own, satisfy, score, gravel, shove, seduce, have, buzz off, heave, arouse, goad, pull in, bewilder, cajole, mother, transport, develop, father, arrive at, adduce, foment, pee-pee, push, lead, engineer, experience, result in, talk into, bear, hasten, micturate, stimulate, prevail on, launch, ram, perplex, brace, propel, take in, lure, inaugurate, wee, birth, cause, pitch, ingest, jog, ingenerate, talk, cook, award, punch, cannonball along, lead to, bring about, argue, produce, prepare, trigger, originate, prompt, baffle, find, belt along, compensate, bugger off, bring, anti-choice, reward, honor, move, lob, haul, evoke, carry, sustain, motivate, effectuate, aim, spawn, rush, pull, grant, puzzle, draw, catalyze, start out, force, bucket along, tow, earn, give birth, sell, win over, perk up, accept, possess, bring out, inspire, pelt along, go, start off, clear, fling, arrest, persuade, make believe, translate, begin, urge, arrive, give, become, amniotic fluid, occasion, attract, convince, pay off, consume, attain, hie, set off, induct, enforce, nonplus, invent, energise, tug, have got, gain, effect, throw, pose, receive, allure, bring around, name, hurry, ferment, get to, scram, constitute, knock, set about, get under one's skin, treat, set out, work, jolt, persuasion, get, get down, look sharp, reach, hotfoot, energize, start, act, indoctrinate, baby shower, fire, prod, provoke, execute, enlist, excite, feature, remunerate, stupefy, incline, mystify, instigate, come, dumbfound, shoot, initiate, build.

crush, reject, snuff, control, dissuade, restrict, deter, check, smother, stifle, restrain, limit, put down, quash, squelch, quench, repress, crack down, extinguish, alienate, dampen, liquidate, repulse, discourage, arrest, rein, can, suppress, repel, still, subdue, inhibit, rebuff, quell, demolish, squash, impede, destroy, clamp down, curb, estrange, abolish.

Examples of usage:

1) She seemed to be trying to induce her hot brain to explain her presence there, for she turned her back to him, as if in embarrassment. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) She was quite sure that nothing would induce him to let this become apparent. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) We could not induce him to strike it any more. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.