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Spell check of dumbfound

Correct spelling: dumbfound

bewilder, beget, shake up, worry, quiver, make, crush, find, shock, beat out, lodge, boggle, receive, trounce, stick by, place, besot, sting, stick to, fix, bind, work over, set out, vanquish, nettle, disturb, nark, excite, generate, irritate, put, adhere, stir up, acquire, bring forth, commove, experience, arrive, produce, bowl over, get down, flummox, cross, draw, beat up, bother, obtain, baffle, get under one's skin, beat, get to, arrest, position, go, develop, buzz off, wash up, amaze, stupefy, sustain, rag, drive, scotch, start out, bugger off, thrum, annoy, complicate, cleave, confuse, spoil, suffer, induce, posture, bunk, sire, pay back, sit, commence, astound, rock, cause, vex, flabbergast, have, stick, catch, ticktack, gravel, overreach, cohere, scram, foil, discombobulate, chafe, surprise, begin, stand by, incur, bilk, drum, engender, nonplus, father, tick, set about, floor, stick around, shell, pose, bring, bemuse, capture, rile, model, ticktock, flap, stagger, raise up, astonish, outwit, present, pulsate, aim, set, exhaust, hold fast, stimulate, get, throw, thunderstrike, let, mystify, bond, puzzle, mother, contract, stun, lay, fetch, stay, personate, get at, pay off, agitate, impersonate, come, grow, frustrate, outfox, tucker, perplex, become, regulate, stay put, wedge, thump, pound, convey, circumvent, tucker out, startle, take, scramble, cling, start, thwart, outsmart.

Examples of usage:

1) After this successful demonstration of his sophistication, Mungongo was anxious that Moonspirit give an exhibition of his magic to dumbfound the chief witch- doctor, desiring most ardently to work the gramophone, to operate which he had also learned. - "Witch-Doctors", Charles Beadle.

2) And so he would but for that whimsical element of chance, which will for ever muddle up the affairs of this world and dumbfound the prophets. - "Round the Red Lamp Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life", Arthur Conan Doyle.

3) You must remember that a skilful man will have been turned loose on him with all the ferocity of a bloodhound; a man who will have all the cruelty of Lax, but will have nothing to fear; a man who will be serving his purpose all round if he can only dumbfound that poor boy by his words and his looks. - "The Landleaguers", Anthony Trollope.