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Spell check of net

Correct spelling: net

drifter, receive, amass, discharge, twill, displace, last, credit, canvas, gossamer, lettuce, tarpaulin, WWW, grenadine, acquit, assume, backboard, all, loot, corduroy, winnings, thus, calico, bury, the Internet, duffel, felt, kale, therefore, bleachers, horsehair, shed light on, light up, return, assoil, end system, interlocking, lucre, cambric, aggregate, denim, lame, lowest, cabbage, ball boy, cashmere, bag, lace, fishing line, alpaca, fishing rod, accept, sacking sailcloth, realize, pelf, derive, wrangle, plunder, reticulation, sharkskin, broadcloth, ace, clear, dense, crinoline, net income, cockpit, fleece, tweed, the Davis Cup, remaining, crease, irreducible, net profit, cyberspace, pure, basketball, receipt, moleskin, satin, basket, sugar, palm, take, dead weight, baize, netting, bring, capture, earn, reap, linen, top, interlock, Orlon, nylon, decoy, fetch, earnings, salary, score, break point, dinero, sack up, silk, exclusive, foul line, alley, barb, gain, generate, matting, dunk, Ethernet, internet, draw, cotton, EDI, procure, gross, full-court press, secure, last-place, enlighten, nett, simoleons, angling, suede, clay, thing, acquire, foulard, crystallize, center, sort out, dragnet, accordingly, creel, meshing, velvet, gabardine, fire, profits, hence, field goal, corporate welfare, quilting, final, load, bunting, ball girl, harvest, gate, pocket, take-home, chargeable, plaid, scratch, heap, batik, find, revenue, purchase, worsted, illuminate, crystallise, mesh topology, wage, give the axe, unclutter, astrakhan, oilcloth, claw back, collect, audit, land, come by, profit, clear up, crepe, Acrilan, big game, add, chalk something up, pay, flannel, knock-on, get back, burlap, court, shekels, cheesecloth, advantage, authorize, wampum, network, ultimate, realise, client-server, lure, remuneration, connect up, incur, bite, force out, percale, tricot, crystalize, blood sports, moolah, chenille, lolly, damask, madras, bring in, claim, gelt, baseline, the World Wide Web, gauze, dismiss, heavy, elucidate, turn over, clams, pinstripe, paisley, give notice, seersucker, AstroTurf, retrieve, brighten, rayon, garner, database server, terminal, account name, density, catch, Celanese, command, sateen, taffeta, velour, accumulate, terminate, straighten out, mohair, colocation, electronic network, web, muslin, challis, drift net, concede, fabric, from, concluding, get together, longcloth, consequently, cast, gingham, compensation, assist, cushion, sack, corner, take in, send away, endowment, exculpate, counterweight, crystalise, bowl, deadlock, Chancellor of the Exchequer, meshwork, get, boodle, utmost, exonerate, W3, mesh, authorise, herringbone, pull in, pass, Jersey, make, income, allowance, solve, serge, brocade, the information superhighway, foul out, ensuing, bread, annex, dough, bait, can, break, excluding, chintz, light, engagement, lightweight, attack, give the sack, Dacron, the Boston Tea Party, win, goaltending, dividend, extranet, tulle, wool, chiffon, buy, obtain.

gross, overall, proximate.

Examples of usage:

1) After a short silence, he said: You can call off the net. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) This city, however, as we have before remarked, is gradually becoming the centre of a great net- work of railways, like Chicago; and therefore the characteristic referred to must gradually disappear. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

3) All are caught in the one net. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.