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Spell check of gain

Correct spelling: gain

get along, take a leak, arrive, light upon, bondholder, stumble, forgather, bonus, proceeds, shoot, boost, overhear, throw out, raise, pee-pee, understand, net income, fool, hold, pip, tick, reach, turn a profit, promote, privilege, mount, turn over, boon, refinement, evolve, rack up, repay, move in, derive, acquit, pretend, near, bear market, health, suck up, assume, gain ground, hit, get, elaboration, make headway, befool, correction, add-on, relieve oneself, deduce, light up, come, elucidate, fix, accumulation, do good, access, gull, pile up, introduce, lay down, gross profit, increment, take up, come upon, straighten out, hit on, amass, have, growth, get together, embellishment, produce, progress, move on, illuminate, revenue, chance on, micturate, crystalize, pull in, lucre, loom, progress to, achieve, addition, clear up, take a shit, good, rally, meet, tuck, development, net profit, appropriation, accretion, gross, form, payoff, touch, pucker, receive, succeed, invite, earnings, acquisition, upswing, spend a penny, snare, give, purchase, impend, gather, advance, recover, annexation, plus, slang, work, wear, view, elevate, capture, enlighten, upgrade, discharge, get on, master, land, nominate, top, incentive, deliver the goods, enhancement, bear, collar, deserve, supplement, get through, catch, come across, strive, off, make up, exculpate, obtain, set ahead, bring home the bacon, appear, agnize, puddle, construct, renovation, improve, receipts, develop, converge, cause, advantage, expansion, sack, virtue, return, deduct, earn, exonerate, pass water, slay, trump card, accession, chance upon, asset, wee, stool, dupe, addendum, broker-dealer, summation, step change, improver, amplification, lose, make, sack up, profit margin, procurement, yield, infer, perk up, take a crap, educe, contact, gross margin, accomplish, collect, actualize, bottom line, pull together, learn, create, furtherance, put one across, go on, extend to, stimulate, hand, foregather, come by, larn, tally, seize, realise, advancement, authorize, bid price, bull market, percentage, substantiate, edge, sort out, cook, acquire, imbibe, uptick, absorb, promotion, approach, make water, recuperate, success, kick upstairs, accrual, bearish, arrive at, makeover, compass, accumulate, bring in, pull, take on, throw, march on, ca-ca, occupy, authorise, capitalize, take, bid, recognize, solve, name, collection, tick away, draw in, pick up, cop, draw, get ahead, come along, brighten, get to, progression, apprehend, adopt, discover, turnaround, incoming, ingest, apply, wee-wee, seduce, rate, assimilate, start, further, come to, cumulate, improvement, blessing, favor, put on, merit, convalesce, come around, collide with, betterment, polish off, rise, run into, consume, prepare, recognise, fall upon, crystallise, dividend, get hold of, grow, establish, impinge on, claim, enter, money, grasp, pass on, leap, shed light on, prosperity, accept, fetch, pass, ready, descend, strike, sop up, bring, dispatch, conglomerate, come through, bump off, get in, profit, turn in, watch, more, find, come on, proliferation, pull down, build up, assoil, get into, take in, crystalise, enrichment, piddle, soak up, bullish, garner, reach out, bring forward, agnise, net, make believe, actualise, unclutter, mend, profits, arrest, don, pull ahead, remove, assemble, operating profit, induce, constitute, jump at, exploit, realize, procure, encourage, bull, secure, close, come in, gather in, build, pay, assumption, increase, garnishment, cod, score, put one over, happen upon, abduct, see, crystallize, clear, self-improvement, benefit, attract, augmentation, strain, attain, suck in, supercharge, step-up, help, do, win, shape up.

disbursement, outgo, lose weight, expenditure, forfeit, give up, cost, fall back, slim, outlay, fall behind, diminution, step-down, lowering, drop off, lose, fall, charge, falloff, decline, expenditures, reduction, red, let go, expense, slenderize, abatement, decrement, shrinkage, miss, decrease, reduce, thin, red ink, diminishment, subtraction, depletion, lessening, melt off, recede, fail, expenses, deduction, loss, slim down, abandon.

Examples of usage:

1) His object is to make gain for himself, and his spirit is therefore a spirit of self- regard. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) If I were a man, I would pray that I might gain influence over my fellows just for that- just- for that, said Mary. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Many of them are found in Egypt for they come here for gain. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.