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Spell check of arrest

Correct spelling: arrest

blockage, extension, discover, stupefy, appropriation, pass with flying colors, snag, verification, call for, handcuffed, invert, prevention, train, ensure, becharm, take, begin, stop consonant, cop, arrestment, grok, confine, mark, compass, plosive, learn, neckband, give up, savvy, grow, seize, confirmation, develop, confiscation, become, bring, dispel, conceal, break off, apprehensiveness, speck, termination, freeing, drive off, generate, turn around, finish, barricade, lay off, cheque, deterrent, commitment, assure, bewilder, take hold, discernment, discontinuance, intoxicate, get wind, control, moderate, terminate, dig, have, tour, gather up, apply, occlusion, correspond, view, get word, suss out, drive away, enamor, check off, reserve, incorporate, buzz off, peck, get under one's skin, go, stall, stopover, set about, incur, fix, duty tour, suppression, discipline, engender, aim, produce, declare, convey, kibosh, condition, amaze, pickup, match, apprehension, snap, gimmick, chip, catch, substantiation, plosive speech sound, lapse, hinderance, start out, tweak, continuation, preventive, hook, tally, apprehend, full stop, mite, freeze, stay, obtain, incumbrance, defend, achieve, touch, fit, sweep through, mother, bind, apprehended, captivate, check into, grasp, obligate, harbour, see, balk, mesmerize, cessation, bear, nabbed, see to it, preventative, sail through, abduction, close, expiration, find, acquisition, overhear, abduct, acquire, suffer, detain, detention, glom, elate, admit, check, rivet, action, pay off, accommodate, chequer, reverse, breeze through, enamour, ascertain, block up, dumbfound, checker, peg, baffle, let, throw, staunch, stanch, wait, tab, check over, puzzle, percolate, law, beat, keep, draw, quail at, belay, commence, choker, regress, pick-up, discontinuation, insure, nail down, book, stem, deem, beget, return, break, tick off, restrain, enchant, hold on, thieve, hold back, forbear, sustain, secure, defy, perplex, arrive, make, find out, enthrall, halt, collared, imprisonment, cause, intercept, understanding, get the picture, father, receive, offset, impediment, contract, collect, quit, block, ending, hear, discontinue, nail, incarceration, beguile, harbor, check mark, assay, check out, pose, mystify, limp, leash, adjudge, shutdown, bewitch, come, gain, hold in, chase away, closedown, bank check, restraining, experience, interference, hold off, encumbrance, continue, hold up, snare, keep back, drive, gain vigor, withstand, booked, jibe, restraint, agree, caught, layover, uplift, bring forth, pay back, chit, sire, plosive consonant, stimulate, oblige, concord, end, bar, contain, full point, spellbind, imprisoned, charm, pinched, get a line, nonplus, win, check-out procedure, induce, confined, delay, shut up, point, catch up with, get, surcease, tick, tour of duty, term of enlistment, maintain, take for, soupcon, rub, mark off, check up on, give, closure, pinpoint, conclusion, hobble, cutoff, acquittal, gibe, haul, obstruction, bugger off, lift up, shutoff, occlusive, nab, jot, enlistment, capture, smash, dog collar, stick, grip, trip up, take hold of, detained, bridle, run off, support, transfix, occupy, go over, curb, baulk, flummox, hint, stop, fetch, double back, fascinate, ace, exigency, seizure, tinge, guard, stop over, stoppage, concur, block off, pinch, jailed, complete, hitch, nurse, diaphragm, have got, determine, bust, boom, look into, excite, seized, turn back, catch up, entrance, gravel, hang-up, set out, go for, cease, collar, view as, handicap, take in, blast, leave off, occupation, taking into custody, vex, trance, perk, comprehend, backtrack, entertain, perk up, holdup, blockade, carry, misgiving, scram, prevail, get down, hold, comprise, retain, busted, checkout, retrovert, drive out, overtake, hindrance, snitch, revert, interruption, grab, emergency, watch, run in, dread, start, knock off.

extension, persistence, liberate, liberation, emancipation, continuance, free, prolongation, discharge, set free, release, continuation, dismiss.

Examples of usage:

1) He was to arrest them, and the pair of them would share the reward. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

2) The story of his arrest had come through on the vessel that brought stores to Port Southern, but it was very vague. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) There was a bitter undertone in his words that she did not understand, although she associated them in some way with Davey's mother and the disturbance and mental turmoil into which Davey's arrest had put him. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.