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Spell check of laurels

Correct spelling: laurels

avocados, walnuts, souvenirs, almonds, accolade, props, memorials, fame, ironwoods, testimonials, pecans, mahoganies, repute, dogwoods, larches, apricots, coconuts, redwoods, yews, breadfruits, limes, bay, distinction, quinces, cashews, elders, figs, renown, chestnuts, pears, peaches, balsams, laud, credit, beeches, cups, prizes, prize, apples, ashes, cypresses, lindens, rosewoods, firs, spruces, mountain ashes, treasures, willows, magnolias, cassias, trophies, mementos, tamaracks, mangroves, homage, junipers, eucalyptuses, celebrity, elms, sandalwoods, remembrances, teaks, garlands, mulberries, papayas, catches, crowns, birches, cherries, favors, hazels, reputation, honour, cottonwoods, sycamores, honor, aspens, gums, balsas, palms, purity, trees, monuments, maples, markers, ribbons, cedars, eminence, awarding, alders, commemorations, mimosas, butternuts, acacias, lemons, glory, pureness, plaques, poplars, wreaths, weeping willows, acclaim, oaks, award, applause, keepsakes, memorabilia, ebonies, citrons, locusts, sequoias, notoriety, bay wreath, hickories, oranges, sun, kudos, laurel wreath, pines, banyans.

dishonour, infamy, humiliation, ignominy, dishonor, contempt, disrepute, oblivion, discredit, shame, obscurity, contumely, disgrace.

Examples of usage:

1) I call the first star that peeped through the laurels to witness the handful of dust that friendship of ours had become. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.

2) He then rented a house in Lexington, where he had some patients under his charge, with a private attendant who had won many laurels in this capacity. - "The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University", Robert Peter.

3) Afterward he could rest, he should rest- on the bed of his laurels. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.