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Spell check of courtesy

Correct spelling: courtesy

etiquette, amenities, gracefulness, hospitality, politesse, tact, civility, indulgence, considerateness, good breeding, refinement, turn, sympathy, dexterity, chivalry, culture, cultivation, readiness, formality, accommodation, boon, respectfulness, behavior, graciousness, geniality, favor, agreeableness, manners, gentleness, thoughtfulness, courteousness, discretion, gentility, adroitness, politeness, amiability, friendliness, give, pleasantry, compliment, decorum, gesture, ingenuity, mannerliness, generosity, courtliness, kindness, service, complaisance, propriety, compassion, address, gallantry, solicitude, grace, consideration, attention, affability, good manners, ceremony, genteelness, benevolence, deference, blandness, cordiality, amenity, gift, urbanity, charity, mercy, beau geste, respect.

conceit, shamelessness, improperness, delinquency, impoliteness, impediment, discourtesy, impudence, unwisdom, boorishness, incorrectness, obstacle, arrogance, presumption, clumsiness, hurdle, surliness, brassiness, vulgarity, ill-breeding, sauciness, impertinence, awkwardness, incivility, audacity, rudeness, brashness, clownishness, churlishness, disrespect, inconsideration, impropriety, pretentiousness, fatuity, inconsiderateness, interference, audaciousness, boldness, inappropriateness, informality, stupidity, thoughtlessness, casualness, indecency, hindrance, folly, ungraciousness, discourteousness, insolence.

Examples of usage:

1) And you've measured it out drop by drop, as you would medicine in a glass; just as you'll measure out courtesy to Mrs. Maclaughlin on this trip. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) They approached him with courtesy; Ellershaw showed him what this might mean to the school were it persisted in. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) At the same time Peter felt that his father was shaking his hand as much because he wanted to hold on to something as for reasons of courtesy. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.