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Spell check of assumption

Correct spelling: assumption

oligopoly, brass, purchase, essay, monopoly, cheekiness, precondition, assertion, supposition, apprehension, chutzpah, inference, text, readiness, familiarity, annexation, contention, ideal, position, guess, audacity, toploftiness, arrogance, belief, attitude, self-consequence, supposal, appropriation, gain, pushiness, philosophy, impudency, surmisal, postulation, basis, self-reliance, concept, self-assertion, subject, self-confidence, opinion, thought, give, assurance, expectance, dissertation, exposition, haughtiness, addition, laying claim, pompousness, hauteur, presupposition, theory, leadership, imperiousness, loftiness, greatness, usurpation, gall, boldness, incivility, paradigm, principle, impudence, brazenness, masterfulness, cheek, authority, huffiness, forwardness, axiom, statement, Assumption of Mary, topic, face, conjecture, discourtesy, arrogation, query, surmise, control, high horse, August 15, suspicion, preemption, foreknowledge, seizure, insolence, presumption, procurement, presumptuousness, power, bumptiousness, anticipation, superiority, pertness, sauciness, consideration, audaciousness, disrespect, motif, collection, pomposity, given, thesis, impertinence, matter, sassiness, crust, hypothesis, argument, issue, courtesy, self-importance, peremptoriness, question, faith, reason, uppityness, consequence, assuming, if, accumulation, theme, trust, theorem, envisagement, postulate, nerviness, lordliness, pretension, nerve, confidence, proof, acquisition, claim, rudeness, point, effrontery, superciliousness, pretentiousness, premiss, domination, commitment, deduction, overconfidence, uppishness, brashness, problem, force, sauce, speculation, premise, idea, might, catch, preparedness, hypothetical, pretense.

doubt, quietness, passiveness, passivity, demureness, modesty, retiringness, mousiness, shyness, lowliness, hesitancy, confusion, reserve, unpretentiousness, bashfulness, dismay, humility, reservedness, diffidence, unassumingness, self-doubt, submissiveness, distrust, timidness, meekness, timidity, self-distrust, misgiving, consternation.

Examples of usage:

1) His assumption is entirely wrong. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) His calm assumption of superiority was in reality insufferable. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) This great thinker, accustomed to habits of exact observation, is, no doubt, right in the assumption that this position receives abundant confirmation in the field of history; but have we so " learned Christ"? - "The Making of an Apostle", R. J. Campbell.